Lonie... it's time to throw down the amex!

Show us the money if you want us to buy season tix.

Show us that you are committed to bringing a winner to Ottawa.

This offseason... Instead of spending on cheerleaders new uniforms why don't you invest in your team a little...

Let's see you sign up some Canadian linemen with talent that can mentor our current young guys...

Let's see you bring in some talented imports @ the linebacking positions.

We don't want to hear about training camps in the usa and crap like that... Spend the $ on the talent...

Ball's in your court dude.

Show me that I need to come to FCS next year.

They just finished the season. Geez, give it a rest. Give the guy an effin chance to breathe.

NO! We've had four crappy seasons, and management problems last year. If he wants to have fans back, he's got to get some big names! Our team as is won't cut it. I don't care about winning seasons or anything, but they have to make the playoffs.

Gades.... Seeing that Lonie just got the keys... I think he's got some work to do... that's all.

As for signing some big names... careful what you ask for... Dexter Manley was a big name...

Just get the right names.

Guys !!!! Gades will never agree with you on those points. He prefers to swallow the crap that Lonie shovels. He choses to support blindly and will not criticize Lonie or the Renegades. The same way most canadians refuse to blame the Liberals and Paul Martin for the GST, tax gouging and the ADSCAM. By not speaking up, NOTHING will change. Remember Ballard and the Maple Leafs ? According to Gades, Moscow and Smyth Cam, if you criticize the Renegades, then you are not a fan.

it's kind of hard to sign people when the season is still going. Free agency doesn't start until february.

And Ottawa Rough RIders, why don't you just drop dead if you don't like the way i think?


You call that thinking ? I call it brain farting.

i call what you say verbal diareah

If Lonie is as rich as everyone says, he better be buying a good team that can actually compete in the CFL next year(i think that with the amount of money he has he should be able to fill all the necessary positions that currently lack talent on the renegades roster). I hope all works well for the Gades, but i doubt it.

lol... who is this Ottawa Rough Riders guy??? I'm the first to criticize my team when they are playing badly...

I think Ottawa Rough Riders is upset that the Rough Riders are dead, and is wishing that they will come back in some form or another... face it.... theyr'e dead. We have the Renegades now, and we should support them through thick and thin... Times have been bad since I was born. They haven't had a winning season since I've been born, but it doesn't matter to me. I will be there regardless of their record, because that's what a true loyal fan does.....

Where is there??? I just want to know so that I can stay away from the doobie smell.

First of all, Smyth Cam, to paraphrase your question, who the hell are you ? Of course I'm upset that the Rough Riders are dead, but, I have never said that I wanted the Renegades to fold in order to enable the Rough Riders to come back. As far as I'm concerned , the Renegades ARE the Rough Riders. If you remember, (maybe you don't because you seem pretty young and naive), in 1996, the CFL REVOKED the Rough Riders franchise. That means means the franchise was re-instated as the Renegades. If you look at my earlier posts this year, you will notice that I have always maintained that the Rough Riders' and Renegades' record books should be merged.(see Montreal Alouettes I, II, III) because they should be considered the same entity. How can you ignore 120 years of previous football history. I have also always said that the Renegades should keep the name but it would be nice to see them put the big white R on the helmet to draw back all the Rough Rider fans and to bridge the gap and keep the history. I don't see what harm this can do. The Cleveland Browns and the Alouettes have been allowed to do this, so why wouldn't the Ottawa football team be allowed to do this also ? :!:

:lol: One of the funniest unintentionally-funny posts I've read all year!

I have to agree with MM. It's "put up or shut up" time for Lonie. He's had almost a full year to get things ready for this off-season and I want to see the 'Gades go into the free agent period guns a-blazing. Get us the players we need and convince the Ottawa cynics that this is a team you want to support.

Yeah, it is put up or shut up time, but let's see what he does before beating him down, shall we? This is his first full off-season, he's got 6 months to right the ship. He may very well do just that. And in the meantime, support the team, else you won't have a team to support ...

No one's beating anyone down. But the pressure is on them to right this ship and right it quick. They've been a joke so far, and they have something to prove - big time. There's no need to sugar-coat anything.

We die-hards will be there either way. I don't even live in Ottawa anymore and I'll still be renewing my tickets. It's all the other 'casual' fans that are already getting turned off - yet again. This is a delicate situation and they have to get things turned around good and quick.

And quite frankly, I think telling it like it is is a much better way of supporting the team, rather than just sitting back and saying "let's give them a chance". No. If this team is going to survive, these owners need to do what is expected of them. Their act so far has been unacceptable. If they want to bring the fans back and (more importantly) keep them interested, they have to start doing things the right way.

Go Gades Go!

That' all I was saying and the reason I started this Thread....

I'm not just a pretty face you know!!

But guys, there's way too much angst on this page... Please we are all fans of the Ottawa football club. Let's not all kill each other in the 1st month that the Gades are not playing football.

Take the cranky pant off beeches!

it's just frustration MM of not getting to the playoffs yet.

it's just frustration MM of not getting to the playoffs yet.