Lonie Gooberman making a film.

Hey Gooberman, stick to concentrating on football instead of a cute little film about the cheerleaders. Boy that will really make me want to buy a ticket. Lonie, you've broken your toy again but it's okay, daddy will buy you another one.

Where did u hear about him making a movie?

Lonie was on the Team 1200 this morning plugging it. He also mentioned that he makes cute little films for his ski resorts.

You're just upset because he filmed you begging on the streets, again.

Well, we all know where Lonie's priorities are. If there ain't no cheerleaders, he's not interested. What a clown....a wealthy one, but still a clown.

It's a shame he doesn't spend more of his energies on the football team he owns/tried to opperate.

how are we to know he isn't spending his energy with the football team?

That's very true, last time they owned the team my buddy saw him with his arm around a cheerleader at Minto Place when they used to have a Video store there. Pretty pathetic.