Longest weekend off ever

LOL I am in a line of work that gives me only every second weekend off and I usually only get 3 1/2 days off every 2 weeks LOL Yet I find myself hoping time flys Because I honestly CAN NOT WAIT to be at IWS for the Kickoff. On another note does anyone know if there will be a jet flyover this week

8) Yes, 2 CF-18 fighter jets will do a flyover prior to the game !!!
   Some parachuters will also be dropping in for a visit  !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Check this out!

[url=http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-news-and-highlights/clip210605#clip210604]http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-news-and-highli ... clip210604[/url]

very cool, gave me chills.

I can't wait, i'm just itching to watch football right now so ive got Laval and Concordia on the T.V from the french channel

Yup, and one of the CF-18 pilots is Captain Tim "Donor" Woods from Dundas, Ontario !!!