Longest Thrown Ball

What is the longest thrown ball in CFL history. I know the longest pass play is 109 yards.

In a preseason game in 1967, the Als had a quarterback named Ed Buzzell. Ed Buzzel played for Saskatcewan in their 1966 Grey Cup season as a third string quarterback.

Anyway, in that 1967 pre-season game, from where Buzzell threw the ball to where it landed (bounce not included, and pass was incomplete), the ball travelled 82 yards in the air. I am not aware if it was wind-aided.

Thanks, The discussion of the longest thrown ball came up at the T-giving dinner table last night. My friend, Ted, infured that the record came from the thrown ball only. I told him that was impossible since the actual distance would have been closer to 120 yards considering the QB dropping back to throw the ball before being sacked. In Ted's assertion Sam Etcheverry would have had to release the ball at the line of scrimmage and Hal Patterson would have had to catch it at the opposite goal line. Not likely. I do not think my friend considered the run after catch, which I tried to explain to him. Usually, as I am sure you know, this kind of play occurs when the QB hits a reciever quickly and the reciever outruns the defense as they were all up close to try and stop the run because of the ball position on the field. Thanks again, Go Colts!!! (I live in Indianapolis, IN.) But I do follow the CFL events especially when it comes to the Grey Cup. Go Als!!!

We refer to that as YAC,,,,Yards After Catch

In deed it is the YAC. Thanks. My friend was not yet replied to my fact finding , but he will be here on Sunday to watch the Colts play. I will show him the web site and perhaps he will join in. He is Canadian, by the way. Also, do you really have over 18,000 postings? Do you run this website?

No I dont run it but I am a mod.
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