Longest Tenured CFL Coach

With Trestman reportededly going to Chicago one really gets the sense of how tenuous a job it is to be a CFL Head Coach.

Outside of Hufnagel in Calagary the longest serving CFL head coach is now Kavis Reed in Edmonton with 2 full years under his belt.
No one else has more than one.

Over the past 3-4 years 5 of the 8 teams have fired one or more coaches during that time.

Tough racket.

Even tougher on coordinators and assistants.
I guess one can't expect a false sense of loyalty to stand in the way when a guy like Trestman leaves on his own terms to take a major increase in pay to move back to his home country. To accept a job to coach one of the highest profile teams in the most successful league in all sports is a no brainer it seems. But there does seems to be a smarmy sense and smell of the events leading up to this. But as I said false loyalty is on both sides in this profession.

When is a contract not a contract!

....when it has an 'out-clause' in it :wink:

Contracts ARE contracts, they just don't always guarantee what we think they do.

When both parties mutually agree to modify a contract nothing in the contract has been breached.

When the contract contains a no-penalty termination clause for one or both parties and either party uses it the contract has not been breached.

When someone is paid to NOT show-up (e.g. typical coach "firing") the contract has not been breached.

My point of the OP was not to decry contract validity.
But rather to point out that teams fire coaches very readily. That said, and understood by coaches, it stands to reason that they have the right to move on if they have the opportunity. To suggests that loyalty should come into play only for the employee is naive. there is none or very little on both sides.

I should imagine that Tressman will be earning over a million per season with the Bears, he probably tripled his current salary.

We all have to be realistic. A man will follow the money and if that also means going to an iconic and huge franchise then that just adds to the attraction.

Hufnagel...Longest tenured CFL coach....since 2008 and counting...

...kudos to Reed, I think he runs a pretty tight ship up there...and seriously, even though Buono stepped up in rank he still pretty much runs the show there...and with Trestman's/Popp's run in Montreal there is something to be said for stabilization of the coaching/GM positions as those three teams (Cal/BC/Mont) have enjoyed consistent success over some time...

Wow it seems like even longer since Hufnagel has been the hc to me