Longest Grey Cup Dry spell?

This year Saskatchewan broke a 17 year Grey Cup dry spell.
Since 1945,
Who now has the longest win-less streak?
Who has the shortest win-less streak?

Ill post the answers later

I don't know off the top of my head. Right now, though, even though it hasn't been that long since 1999, my TiCats drought seems very, very long. :frowning:

I think the answers will surprise you.
Both the longest and the shortest

If you include Ottawa, they have the longest dry spell- they last won a Cup in 1976. Winnipeg now owns the longest drought at 17 years. Shortest would depend on how many years before you start counting 'dry spells'.

Actually Ottawa doesn't have the longest.

Maybe I did not explain myself properly,

The longest running streak right now is held by Wpg at 17 years but they had a longer streak of 22 years between 1962 and 1984.

Who has the longest win-less streak?

Saskatchewan went 23 years between 66 and 89, that may be the longest streak.

PS-The Argos went 31 yrs before winning in 1983- the last one before that was 1952.

Well obviously the 31 years is longer than 23 :wink:

Well considering the Riders did not win until 1966 and the team started in 1910.... Thats 56 years. Now I am not sure if in 1910 they were eligible to play for the Grey Cup as I am not sure if they were in the league at that point. Also, the structure of the game in the early years made it vertually impossible for a western team to participate. Now 1923 was the first time the Riders played in the Grey Cup (over the next 10 years they would be in 6, but never win)

well the shortest would have to be back to back cuz well their is no winless streak in a back to back victory. the bombers longest is 22 years between '62 and '84. and we are right on pace now to beat that one.

I say the argos in '96-'97, or other teams like the '58-'59, '61-'63 bombers or the '78-'82 esks would be considered the shortest winless streak

Hmmm The Lions went from 64 to 85 so that was 19 years. Ottawa doesn't exist right now, (Easy Ottawa fans, I hear the key boards pounding already) so I would have to say Winnipeg has the current streak.

Back to back would be a winning streak,
What I mean by shortest is that
Team X never had MORE than "12" years BETWEEN Grey Cup victories.

I am also starting from 1945 BTW

wild guess, shortest, montreal.

or edmonton

or hamilton

Here ya go

A little ironic Ro, that you have the streak for the Als wrong---they won in 1949, not 1941.
At least according to the CFL website and the Als own website...
Interesting that it is the two "Golden Triangle" teams, Toronto and Hamilton that set the standard in both directions...

I wasn't exactly sure by what you meant by "shortest" either until you explained it.
I thought maybe you meant the shortest time between victories--which would mean back-to-back.
Maybe 49 or 50 weeks...I'll guess TO for that one...

Yes you are right about the Als, they did win in 49 and not 41.

Revised list

Well interesting, all I can say is GO Winnipeg! Time to knock off TO for the record! :wink:

What is really interesting is that, even in a 8 or 9 team league, the average streak is about 25 years !!!

The longest the 'Cats have ever gone without a cup win is 14 years?

Who knew?

Well, as analysts have suggested in the past, Hamilton is a better team than their recent record shows....