Longest CFL (Forum) Offseason Ever - Oy Vey?!

Well, now we know such to be fact.

As long as prior off-seasons have been and with some of the topics that arise, along with a few good ideas and many terrible ones, much is in good fun here.

Only for this offseason, because it is so long, if you could ban new thread topics which ones would they be?

Existing threads in progress or dying remain.

I will start with a few:

Expansion thread
The rouge debate
New roster rules

One reason now is because none of the above will change again until a successful, full CFL season is in the books.

The damage of this disruption will be so great that I figure it will take at least two more full seasons anyway before any such changes are made or take place only after the usual debate and votes required.

So what other topics would you would have banned only for this long CFL Forum offseason?

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Some of those are the most fun topics, IMO. And changes to the rouge rule are actually under consideration for the next season, whenever that may be.

Heck, at this rate, we might have expansion beginning next season, too. :mask: :open_mouth: :mask:

I'll bet there are a few fans in these parts who'd like to ban all talk of changes to the playoff and/or divisional structure. :smirk:

how about we ban all topics that I don't take part in :slight_smile:

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Nothing will change for at least two full seasons now I figure. The focus now is back to restarting with fundamentals in place whenever that can be done.

I ask only to be spared the rhetoric for one offseason because it's coming back after 2021 or after the next full season anyway.

Why do you think nothing would change for two full seasons?

I mean, they've already been considering a tweak to the rouge rule, among others. I don't see why the current situation would affect that.

Roster rules are already set to change , with increased global spots. That likely will have to be re-evaluated if they can manage to get a season in this fall.

Nope they are not making those changes to rules in these times given the struggle to get to the new normal, but Dave of course go on and believe that.

Why not? Do you see making such changes as disruptive to normal?

Yes - we have to get the fundamentals back on track first and right now that order is tall enough. I do not see owners wanting to tinker in these times at all.

...consider this: the team that couldn't win the Grey Cup for like ever, now gets to hold onto the victory for an unprecedented amount of time...

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Do you reckon that any of the proposed rule changes in this article would detract from getting the fundamentals back on track?


Right now is like the two awful weeks between about 20 December and 3 January for sports radio, but it's going to be months.

There's too much filler but at least now the main and tenured folks are still working in media and not on holiday plus at least they are showing more of the good replays.

Yes they would, but no worries that chatter will be back in the next offseason!

All of them? In what ways would they detract from getting the fundamentals back on track?

Nope, not having it now sir, you made my point though - next offseason sure

What was your point, and how did I make it? :smiley:

Too late you missed it, but tinker away in those threads and enjoy.

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Okay now I am thinking this weekend is time to restart enjoyment of openly grilled or barbecued food to go with the time that is normally the thick of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and what would be a looming preseason CFL.

I don't own a grille and live in a condo, so I envy this drill. It's about time to start camp for Grille Season folks. Get yourself over to your shed and haul it out and start gearing it up along with sharpening and cleaning some of your tools. Go buy two 24s or 2 bottles of Forty Creek if they will help you (or your favourite sodas FYB).

First up for me is a trip to try out a shawarma place not far from me.

Grill has been out for weeks.

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Well...don't leave us hanging...what have you been grilling up? :grinning:

So far, burgers, chicken and Italian sausages.

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