longer preseason?

NFL teams play 4-5 preseason games but CFL teams play 2 games. If each team play against 4 teams of other division, that could be beneficial for 4 reasons. First, more time for players evaluation under game conditions. Secondly, balancing to offset excess games against same opponents. Fans like variety. Third, opportunity for more revenue especially if preseason games are televised as in the NFL. Some teams might be able to turn a loss into a profit. Fourth, possibility for experimenting such as games in non-CFL cities.

They((NFL) also only play a 16 game schedule. Should we reduce ours because of that?

Personally I think 2 is enough and would rather get the season started....

Young pups like Blin may not remember that we used to have 4 pre season games and only 16 regular season games.


I agree with the others. Two games is enough. I hate how the NFL pre-season lasts six weeks. Way too long!!!

...obviously the CFL has ignored all those spam emails and annoying pop-ups offering supplements that can greatly lengthen their pre-season.....

Yep, we went to 18-2 from 16-4. There is a growing interest in the NFL to actually shorten its pre-season as well.

Yes there is. Largely because it's annoying to have to pay so much for an exhibition game (same as a regular season game). I will say that the first couple of games of the season will suffer a little, with more dropped passes, blown routes and coverages and the like, but so what.

Yup! I agree! Pre-season games are usually dull.

Although last nights preseason game between Calgary & BC was pretty entertaining!

I think there should be a third preseason game at a neutral site. Not only will this give coaches an extra week to iron out rosters, but could be a great way to promote the league in other cities. Possible sites could be Moncton, Halifax, Qeubec City, Kingston, London, Sasakatoon, Victoria and yes even (gasp) the northern US.

I have been saying that for years.

Absolutely, 2 preseason games are more then enough. I would definitely love to see them go to a neutral site. Not sure if the financials would allow it though

Neutral site games would involve the combination of the league and each team.
Just like the Halifax game a few years back, the league would and should test future expansion sites.
Meanwhile, each team should also expand its fan base and local territory by moving or playing a second "home" game.
To offset the cost factor, the third game can be televised if not by the TSN network for this added cost, or the league or perhaps each team should have had enough forsite to sell it out to another network. For example, just like here in Toronto the Blue Jays had local City TV broadcast a pre season game. No doubt the team either got some royalties and or it was an infomercial into buying tickets.
Creative out of the box thinking is required and it amazes me how we do not seem to hear enough of same and especially since Mr. Cohon came with this type of "marketing" handle.

They could play one or two neutral site games a year on a rotating basis. The expenses could be covered by operations pool of some kind, or by the broadcaster and sponsors.

I thibnk they should make preseason games 90 minutes..... your shuffling in and out 70 players anyways.... I doubt anyone would get tired.

Preseason games are brutally boring. Two is enough.

I'm okay with two games, too...three would just drag out the time to kickoff that much more...:wink:

Years ago, maybe around 1985 or so, the NFL played 6 preseason games and 14 regular season games, which anyone would agree was horrible. For season ticket holders, that meant they were forced to buy seven regular season games and three preseason games. Then the NFL went to 16 regular season games and four preseason games, with season ticket holders now buying 8 regular season games and two preseason games, a bit better but the ticket prices were the same for preseason games as regular season games.
There has been talk about going to a 17 game season with three preseason games, but so far nothing has been stated about where that third game would be played and how it would affect any season ticket holders. I think it would be better, but some years a team would have 9 home regular season games and other years they would have 8 home regular season games. Also, how would this affect season ticket holders, would they still pay for 10 games (9 regular season and one preseason one year and 8 regular season and two preseason the next.) I'm all for more regular season games and less organized scrimages (preseason games), but let's not hurt your best customers, even if it is every other year.