Long Weekend Warning!

hi, I'm Bunny the lifeguard and its my job to keep you safe. Kids, this is the last weekend of the summer so i want you all to be safe. so ,while your parents are ignoring you this weekend remember your water safety.water wings are NOT a recognized pfd!

I agree, Play Safe!


Good Advice......

And as your resident "safe driving" advocate, please drive carefully, don't speed, watch out for the other guy, don't drive impaired (tired or otherwise) and stay to the right of the lane as far away from oncoming traffic as possible.....

....stay off the cell phone too!

…and if you use any public facilities this weekend please don’t pee on the seats. Thanks.

Labour day was usually the first time of the year when the sinks got used.

Are there flowers in the mens bathrooms?

also,if you drink to much at the game and you end up face first in the toilet,even bunny has limits...

Please, no running with scissors.

Please refrain from attempting to flush your empty mickey bottles down the urinals

Stay away from pubs and guys named BA. And kids, if you are around guys named Bunny, don’t accept candy from him or go with him to help find his dog.

I'm living life dangerously... I'm drinking milk after the due date this weekend!!

you're more a man than me

And on Monday don't play quarterback for the visiting team, the Tiger-Cat defense are feeling they have something to prove.

Don't get me started on the bathroom situation during these 'big games'.
It brings back terrible memories...maybe I'll share the story with everyone someday (reshare?).

Line or no line....I'm heading to the sinks first, might as well set the trend early so everyone knows it's an option. It really helps traffic flow later in the game when the washroom frequency picks up a bit.

hahahaha.....finally!....someone else who likes the "sink" option!.........it brings back many memories of those playoff games in the 80's......you know, the ones in the snow and cold?.....line-ups weren't an option sometimes..the sinks were a salvation! :wink: :lol: :lol:

"Anyone got the pedal?"
"Got 'er!"
"Good, later"

gotcha!....too funny!

....sorry ladies, this is a guy thing that you may not understand...... :lol:

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