Long Snapper

I was just wondering if anyone thought that we might have been able to work the roster a little better if we had Fabio Felice train and be our long snapper and back up center / guard. That way we wouldn't have to keep Robichaud on when his playing time is going to be so limited.

Robichaud is a great long snapper....end of story. Whatever the cost is to keep him on the roster is well worth it. Do the Seattle Seahawks worry about keeping a Canadian like J.P. Darche strictly as a long snapper? The answer is NO.

FYI, position o-lineman are rarely if ever long snappers. The most usual "roster" position (besides long snapping) is tight end or linebacker.

theres already a thread that askes the same question. why does it matter if he only does one thing he does it really well. what would you rather have a guy who does 2 things and is only decent at them or 2 people who only do one but are both amazing?

Who's to say that Fabio Felice couldn't be a great long snapper. I'm not saying robichaud is bad, I was just thinking if it could have opened up a roster spot. Carrying 2 kickers puts constraints already.

Robichaud might be the best long snapper in all of professional football. Not many better if there is.

Kind of like what is being said about Boreham and Fleming?

I have to agree with scotty_dogg on this one.

1.) It's easier to carry a long-snapper in the NFL because they have 53-man rosters and only 11 players on each side of the ball. In CFL, we can't even have a backup for every position.

2.) Long snappers may typically be tight ends or linebackers but there are plenty of o-lineman who can handle the job (C Adam Treu of the Oakland Raiders).

I like Robichaud and think he is good but with CFL roster restraints I think scotty_dogg brings up a valuable point.

P.S. Robichaud probably isn't the best long snapper in the professional sports - if he was he would be collecting an NFL paycheck. He can get the ball to the punter/holder fine but could he block NFL calibre DTs?