Long Snapper

I see we signed an ex pat named Rempel who will also apparently start next game. My naïve question: who was the guy he will replace (who has had his challengers the last few games)?


Well last week Peters took a stinger to the arm... Hopefully he is OK. Those things have a tendency to be sore the next day. It also looks like Rempel can play special teams and had some limited action as a slot back.. I wonder if he is decent at blocking?

I think this looks a decent signing... He will only get more comfortable as the weeks progress here before playoffs

Well Peters did have a couple of bad snaps that cost us 6 points. Not saying he isn't trying but being he is on defense and on kick coverage that plus long snapper is a lot to concentrate on. Having a guy that is more comfortable to the position and will probably be used mostly for this it does make a lot of sense. Smart signing in my books by Taman.

Peters simply was too inconsistent. He seemed to do great on punt snaps, and it was more than 2 bad snaps on FGs. The previous game it caused a missed FG to. Admirable effort, and almost there, but it wasn't.

The new snapper looks good. Would have been nice to see a Fg attempt to be sure though.