Long snapper

Glad to see Matt R back last night doing the long snapping.

I think it had a lot to do with the success of Setta and his booming punts last night!

Many don't realize the importance of this position.

It is HUGE.

Robichaud is the best in the league...by far.

Gutsy performance to come back that quick after having his appendix removed.

I agree with all of the above.

People who Robichaud was expendable at the beginning of the season have no idea how important he is to this team.

Matt showed a lot of heart coming back so soon, but he really does need to be careful. His health is much more important.

I was quite concerned about his coming back too early. Looks like all is well.
Welcome back Matt. You were sorely missed.

You guys are so right.

I was watching his snaps, and they were direct, straight line lasers to Setta.

It is huge.

Setta was booming his punts and, more importatnly, was getting enough height so as not to out kick the coverage.

Also, John Williams had a terrific outing getting downfield tackling Dorsey and blocking very well for Smith.

Thw "other" Williams' contribution should not be overlooked and deserves lots of credit.

Matt was even in on a special teams tackle. He is a warrior.

Robby is one Tuff SOB I will Tell ya
But then Again Kids From Burlington are Tough from Birth.

i didn't know why he was gone for a while, but it was his appendix eh? when did he have it out?

Good one. :lol:

Sure they are. :lol:

Matt was born and raised in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Still has family there.


Matt was born and raised in Pointe Claire, Quebec. Still has family there.


In my estimation, Matt is the best long snapper in the league. A vital role that gets few props. Glad to see him back!

Oski Wee Wee,

I am sure he played for the MM Robinson Rams in Burlington. Coach Franco called him Robocop (circa 1992). Sure of it.

You are right he did attend that high school ( it's right in his Bio ) My point is he was born and for the better part raised in Quebec.


Being born and raised in Burlington myself I like the idea that we Burlingtonians rubbed off on him. Plus he learned how to play in Burlington.