Long Snapper D/Lineman signed....

...the Bombers have picked up Pat McDonald ,6'2', 250 ni long snapper from the stampeders....he played 11 games for them last year..Had a dual role as he plays on the d line.....nice back-up.... :thup:

Never heard of him.

What happened to “the database?”

What happened to your brain? :roll:

Glad you asked! It is busy finishing an equation:

-desite making several key mistakes, Edmonton beats Winnipeg
-Edmonton gets absolutely killed by Montreal
-therefore Winnipeg really, really, really stinks!

...that;s because you have never heard of EVERY player that played the game . i would venture.. :thdn:

By your theory we were the best team in the league last year b/c we beat Calgary and they won the Cup.
Aren't you a Ticat fan? How do you justify trash talking on another team's site?