Long live the Huddle

I have to admit the CFL Huddle was simple. I like the new CFL.ca but the bugs will take awhile to get out. The links are still slow and a number of them come up saying the page cannot be displayed. I don’t know about the rest of you but it took awhile just to get into this forum.

it took me 5 hours. but its better now than it was a couple days ago.

I enjoyed the old huddle as well. It seemed to be a bit more personal with less clutter.

i dont remeber you riderfanatic

riderfanatic-- some of us remember you. and i agree the huddle was superior but the rest of the new site is quite nice. get rid everything but post and who wrote it–huddle style!

Don’t get all crabby, why, I remember back in the 20’s we had to rely on the Royal Mail Postal Service to provide updates on the folks following the CFL. Of course that was only good up to Fort Brandon, just outside of Winnipeg, past that we westeners had to wait for weeks for the train to come by with a mail bag. So don’t get all complainin-like on it taking five seconds here and ten seconds there you bunch of spoiled younguns…

Riderfanatic. Good to hear from you again. Hey RedandWhite did they talk smack back then? I guess it would be tough when the mail bag took weeks to get there. Actually, I believe true smack wasn’t discovered until Saskatchewan joined the league and someone wrote Riders Suck. Thats the very moment in history that smack was born. Bet you didn’t know that. Many decades later someone would utter Riders Still Suck and the tradition would continue.

Actually, as I am researching my posts on the ‘Greatest Grey Cup Ever’ string, I came across the origin of the ‘Riders Suck!’ statement. Seems that from 1923 to 1934 the Riders of the west made an amazing seven, count’em: SEVEN, Grey Cup appearances. How many did they win, you ask? none…heeheeheehee

WON NONE, why you could be lookimg into the future.as well as the past…Red and White:lol: heee heee heee

Hey Huddleites as someone who is just getting grounded in the chaos of THIS forum, what made the Huddle so speical. You guys talk about it like Rider fans talk about locating a George Reed Jersey. Certainly I can see from many of the posts you’re vetran posters. Who were the core of the the Huddle? It may be useless history to some, but I’ll wager many of the regular posters on CFL.ca were Huddle members. How long was the Huddle in operation. How about clearing up the mythology for the new guys.

Why the huddle was better? Lets see…well first of all it was much faster. Having said that, I’m sure the new CFL Talk site will improve…eventually. At least I hope so. In fact I had a difficult time even logging just now and when I tryed to respond to posts I got the “Page cannot be displayed” screen. For a professional sports site this is becoming a tad silly already. I’m beginning to check out this site less because it’s just frustratingly slow. I click on the news stories and other links on the site and they don’t always open. The site has been up long enough that these kinks I’ve mentioned should be out. I run two businesses and we have web sites, so it’s not that my expectations are high…it’s a matter of get it done already. The CFL is a professional sports league and the functionality of it’s web site should reflect so. While the old Huddle members hang around I can’t imagine how many new visitors to this forum have given up.

With the old CFL Huddle you could jump in for 5 or 10 minutes and very quickly read and respond to posts. In fact at times it was like a live conversation because posting was simple, fast and easy to read. Couldn’t ask for more. ps. Just clicked my mouse on “View more Emicons” looking to add one to this post. Guess what? That’s right…“This page cannot be displayed.” Tried again and zippo…this time no response at all. Rest my case.

ya summed it up quite well cflfanforlife… its really .too bad I think most posters were expecting a lot better performance on this site. I’m hoping for change before the season starts AT LEAST. It’s too bloody slow and frustrating… :cry:

what made the huddle so special?? that is easy. all the reasons mentioned are true. simple, always fast and functional. (by the way this is blackdale but i can’t log on today-- this site is not functional) the main thing about the huddle is that it was so low end. there was nothing flashy so only people who were truly interested would stick around. only the regulars tended to be there and the regulars were just that–regular. all the main players would post there opinions often. all the posters knew the other posters because you would hear their opinion frequently. on this forum there are so many new posters that it is hard to know who you are talking to. i give credit to the ex huddlelites who still frequently post here because as much as i enjoy reading and discussing CFL topics i find myself losing interest in this site. i am not claiming to have been able to produce a better site because i couldn’t. but at least i never replaced a functional site with a non functiional one. the graphics are very nice on this site. and the ref questions i enjoy. other than that bring back the old CFL.ca. all the important news releases and the huddle. i can see it now-- back when i was a kid there was this site that wasn’t painful to use…

now that is freaky-- the system would not let me log on-- but when i replied as a guest my post had my name on it and my name was added to the logged on members list. i have never used the auto log on feature so that can’t be it… i am perplexed. the system must have used the sending computer info… is that possible? i will never understand this site- but hey at least i am logged on now.

Same thing happened to me as CFLFOR LIFE. I logged in, got page could not display message, but on the left side, I noticed that I was logged in…Weird. The only other complaint is text size. I’ve tried all suggestions from Mozilla, to expanding View to maximum, to changing this and changing that. The text have expanded when I’m on Hotmail, or Google, but the text size remains the same here on CFL.ca. So weird. Time for new glasses I guess!