Long live Danny Mac!

Thanks Danny Mac. I believe Danny Mac pulled a "homer" (as in Homer Simpson) last year when the Eskimoes won the Grey Cup. For those that did not see the classic Simpsons episode, here is the definition of a homer:


  1. American Bonehead
  2. Pull a Homer
  3. to succeed despite idiocy

Danny Mac is a great example of the third definition: to succeed despite idiocy.
This guy ran onto the field on second down at the Grey Cup because he thought the game was over in OT... Then, he does the great job in 2006 of making the Esks miss the playoffs for the first time since 1971 (it will happen). I am not an Esks fan, I admit, but I have to beleive he pulled a "homer" in 2005 because he certainly can't do the job!

I have to agree danny mac can do some dumb things but the problem with this team are the defensive coaches. Who in their right mind would blitz on 2nd and long when the offence is deep in there own end. The last few years the EE'S DB's have been very week on the deep ball I think teams have finally figured this out Danny Mac is a good offensive coach but lousy on defence . they should get Ron Estay (Swamp Dog) back from Sask.

It's looking like Danny got pretty damn lucky last year.

You forgot his celebrating before the blocked FG (that would have won the game) last year in Saskatchewan, and the smirk on his face seconds before the Esks were burnt for a 100-yd touchdown by Stegall ...

Danny Machokea drives me nuts, I'm SO glad he doesn't coach the Stamps.

Of course, at first I thought you were talking about Danny McManus ... "what?!? He hasn't played for the Eskimos in 10 years!" :wink: