Long (4 point)/Onside/Kickoff Field Goals

After what happened in the wake of the Western final last year, McCallum better hope the fans didn’t end up throwing “cow pies” :lol:

What about a convert kick from 50 yards out for 3 points?

Yeah, NFL Europe is using this as an experimental rule, but it will never fly in the regular NFL season (kinda like 9 pt goals in the AFL Wizard Cup :stuck_out_tongue:)

However, with the CFL’s tradition of odd scores, I think that the 4 point field goal would be a fine addition to the game. At first glance I’d rather say from behind the 55, but I’m not sure that’s even a nailable distance for it to make any impact on the game.

Another option is a 1-point punt-into-goal, with a possibility for 2 points in the case of a rouge. Not sure if this would make much sense, it’s not often that a kicker can effectively punt the ball through the goalposts from a puntable distance.

I’m so glad that the CFL kept the old standard for measurements. I love having the goals on the goal line instead of behind it (boo my dumb country).

Not bad, but how would that work??? :?

“(kinda like 9 pt goals in the AFL Wizard Cup :stuck_out_tongue:)”

WTF!!! What are people thinking???

You mean on a regular play or a kickoff that if by some miracle, a player kicks the ball over the goal post that they should get 1 point? ok that works. But if it doesn’t go in but is still in the inzone and playable and the recerver doesn’t get it out, then that should be a safety (2 points, unless on a Kickoff, then it should be a SINGLE), if it goes out that it should be a good old Single (1 point).

Hey, does this rule already excist in the CFL cuz it would be a get rule to have!

[b]If it goes thur the post and then thur the endzone and/or isn’t retuened. then that should be like 2 singles (2 points or just 1 point, you decide). but if on a regular play if your team mate comes up with it in the end zone, then that’s a TD (6 points) and maybe a single (7 points and no convert or even that and that is 8 points, you decide, but I think that’s a bit too much, so I think a TD for 6 will do)[/b]

Ok this gets wield, but a point for a in play feild goal isn’t a bad idea and sounds cool cuz of it’s value as a rare ocurence.

Ok, Worst post ever.


wouldn’t you like to see a one side punt that by some miracle goes in the goal post or a kick in kickoff that does the same be worth something??? souldn’t that be at least worth a Single??? I mean, how ofenten does that happen??? and when it does, it would be fucking fantasic!!! if Edmonton was only up by a few points over Montreal but they do a on side punt and somehow get it over the goalpost, you be happy cuz the lead was extended and amazied!

So stop thinking with your tits and use the progessive brain your mama gave ya!

Nope, doesn’t work for me either. I think if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Now I guess what’s broken and what isn’t is a matter of personal opinion and in my opinion it isn’t.

We are enjoying (so far) a highly competitive season with a lot of parity. Most games have been close and exciting. League popularity seems to be on upswing. I would guess that attendance is either up or maxed out in all cities this year.

The CFL is going in the right direction with the game and rules the way they sit today. Why don’t we just enjoy that and talk about the players and plays instead of trying to re-invent the dam wheel all the time?


Still, mate, wouldn’t be a bad idea, it’s likely already in the rule book cuz I can remember a time we I played NFL 2k3 and the computer team kicked on a regular play or Kickoff and made a goal and got some points for it. I wasn’t pleased, but it made sense.

When it happens for real, we will agured abou it then. :wink:

I love Canadian style football, I love it the way it is, What your recommending will not add anything to the game, I’m only 19 , but i’ve been playing football for 13 years now and i know the point system works just fine. How would you defend a kicker trying to get the extra points off the kickoff? have you ever seen a blocked kickoff??? So what happens , a team gets a touch down, adds the extra point and then kicks another point off the Kickoff? Then what he kicksoff again?? Does the point system in place now not work? It sure does, I wouldnt want to see Edmonton win off a play like that, I thought the game was plenty exciting without it, didnt you? You think adding to the kicking game is progressive? When already you see many kickers not even making field goals! There are so many BETTER issues that could be changed, like instant replay. Look at the rule changes in hockey, do you see them saying " a goal from the red line is worth 3 points " Sounds stupid huh? They are being PROGRESSIVE by implementing smaller goalie gear, no touch offsides to keep players safe. That is progressive! Kanga have you ever played football? Im just curious if you know what it’s like.

Go Esks Go

I agree with GoEsksGo (I can’t believe I just typed that even though it’s a poster’s name, but still) and supertoe;

Why change the game when it’s as good as it is. When there is nothing wrong with something why tinkle with it. Change for the sake of change will NOT improve the game but just confuse fans and be counter-productive.

If field goals from outside the 50 are worth 4 points should touchdowns from outside the 50 be worth 9. How about we change the game so from every 5 yards further the score is worth more. Maybe we can make return touchdowns worth 11. Maybe on the convert you can go back to the 30 yard line and score 6 points. Leave the game alone.

Only way I’d award a 4 point FG is at your Alaskan Team’s home games at minus 60 degrees with a 30 MPH wind…LOL

I’m an old fogey traditionalist…Don’t monkey around with the scoring.

Amen! Wow a day when Rider and Esks fans get along… did hell freeze over?

Theres so much rain out here on the “Wet Coast” I thought Hell freezing over was next up!!! LOL

I payed in middle school.

I’m say by pure luck on a kickoff the ball goes in to the goal post, there should be a point scored. I’m not saying that the point system doesn’t work, I’m just like to add a few things in case they happen on a rare occurence.
That’s all, and I’m telling you to keep an open mind cuz that what preson does who thinks of sisnarios and the rules for a game.

Bottom line, I’m thinking of RARE ocurences and what I like to see the league do in that sistuation.

You think adding to the kicking game is progressive? YES! cuz I’d like to see more kicks in the CFL like in Rugby or Aussie ball.

There are so many BETTER issues that could be changed, like instant replay. Agreed, but I like to bring up things like this as well.

Don’t talk abou hockey, they have alot to fix there.

Besides, this topic isn’t about the dicusion, it’s abou reporting these Long (and “short”) Field goals.

I think that instead of 50-yarders being 4 points, drop goals should be 4 points instead.

I think Roughrider fans would be happy to get 3 points from a field goal :slight_smile:

…but they already get 4 points from field goals, don’t they?

EDIT: the ones that they hit

EDIT2: oh who knows…they’re just happy they don’t play without the rouge.