Long (4 point)/Onside/Kickoff Field Goals

I stated this topic where we can report on long field goals scored in a game. When I say long field goals, I mean golas for the 50 yard line or more that would qulafily for a 4 point field goal.

My goal with this topic is to see how many are done in a season and the impact a 4 point goal would be on a game and the league.

So, was there any this week that I didn’t see cuz to my knowlege, I didn’t see any.

I’d really like it if anyone could give me a box score of all the points scored in a single game and/or of all games.

The box scores are under THE GAMe subsection schedule and then select the game you want scroll down and click where it says click here for game notes.

I’m not going to go into depth again about how stupid a four point field goal system would be.

I talked about the 4 point field goal a while ago with some friends… we decided that for it to be effective and fair you would have to make it for kicks from past half and if the other team retuned it for a TD(wich should be more likely with more run-up room) then they should get some amount of extra points, probably just one, but it adds more risk so that its not just a win/win situation for gettin back in the game… you need say 17 points in the fourth quarter… that kick gets you back to within 2 scores

K.K. You just never give up! LOL

Most likely place for long field goals…Taylor field with that gale force wind blowing. (Does it ever stop blowing there?)

Nope. It’s always windy here in Saskatchewan because we’re right in the middle of Alberta and Manitoba and we all know Alberta Blows and Manitoba Sucks :smiley:

Actually, we all know saskatchewanese are not capable of coming up with anything less lame than that …

The 4-point field goal is way, way too random … too gimmicky … sorry K-K, I hope I never see it! Too hokey.

For example: Say a team just scored a touchdown, to make the score 26-16 for them (before convert). Now, do they go for a 2-point convert, to make it an 12-point difference? The reason for this is it means the other team would need two touchdowns to tie it up/take the lead. If the team went for a 1-point convert, to make it 27-16, the other team can get a touchdown, 2-point convert of their own, and a field goal to tie it up.

But if a field goal from 50+ yards (note, if you’re referring to centre field here, it’s actually 55 yards) is worth 4 points … then, even if the team was down by 12, they could get their touchdown, 2-pt convert, and then a 4-pt FG if they’re lucky, have a good kicker and have a wicked tailwind.

And how do you make sure a team isn’t avoiding advancing the ball just so they can take their shot at a 55-yarder?

Get it out of your head. It is totally counter-productive. So since a team couldn’t get a ball close to the endzone - they are still 50 yeards away means that they don’t deserve any points unless they are lucky to get a fieldgoal. Going by this same train of thought… If a team does so well with offense and almost gets a touchdown and instead kicks a 10 yard field goal, they should get 2 points because the field goal was too easy?

Newfile, this topic isn’t to agure about wherther to have a 4 point kick in the CFL or not, it’s to find out how many potently 4 points goals there are this season and their impact on the league. I’m just conducting a little experiment. :smiley:

…and a basket in basketball is worth 2 points close or at the net, but it’s 3 points for a long shot. 1 for a goal that goes into the end zone, 2 points for a goal at 10 yards or less, 3 for a goal beteen 10 and 50, 4 for a goal at 50+ is just silly and confusing.

4 points for a goal at 50+, 3 points for a gola less than 50, and 1 for a goal that goes into the end zone makes more sense.

I’m not really for or aganist the rule and don’t they already have it in NFL Euro???

Sportsmen, I never give up, never surrender unless to compromise, liberty or death!!! :smiley:

Well at the very least… DEATH!


great ides…I would say from the 50.

I never liked this rule because isn’t it in a way rewarding a team for not being able to get as close to the endzone? The feild goal rule is fine the way it is. Any changes to it would unnecessarily complicate the game amd chamge the game in a way which doesn’t seem entirely beneficial.

i think a four point feildgoal is a wicked idea, because theirs only a handful of guys who can kick it, and it really shows talent. congrats to sean flemming last night for tying dave cutler in eskimo feildgoals!! 464 on a 48 yarder!

KK has a very good point regarding basketball the 3 point rule IS stupid, but was accepted. If everyone just stops over analyzing and just think of it as another neat way to score points, it may or may not work. :wink:

Well, this wasn’t a field goal, but Winnipeg was able to get a 91 yard single the other day. FAN FUCK INGTASIC!!! GO BLUE BOMBERS!!!


Have there been any long field goals lately???

Kanga- I don’t think the 4 point rule will fly but I have a better idea.

For example, McCallum or Westwood miss a field goal inside the 20 which happens regularly, deduct 3 more points, make them sing at halftime and allow home fans at home games the opportunity to throw cream pies at the kickers after the game if they miss. Charge to throw the pies and donate the funds to charity!! After the playoff game last year I’d have ended up donating over $1000. until I got my frustration out of my system!!! It would be a good move psychologically as well!!

Riders Rule

Turkey, your insane! :shock: :lol: :twisted:

I’d be up for that.

Do you think the Riders could get enough security to deal with the crowd at an event like that? It would be insane, pies would be thrown from every direction, people would bring their own pies to just to throw one at him. People would spend hours away from work practising their pie throwing techniques. The grocery stores would be overrun with shoppers looking for pie supplies. It would be pandominium.

disclaimer: please don’t throw a pie at Paul McCallum; the last thing he needs now is more sympathy and pity from the public.