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I’m definitely in the minority here but I didn’t think your Cats played that poorly.
I thought the offense was good, almost great. Burris was fine and Fantuz and Williams were more than solid.
Congi was very good.
Your new back was super fast but needs to block. That play where he asked to come out, was refused was telling. He waived on a block leading to a critical sack. I’d play Cobourne next game.
The defense I think will be better. They got beat in the flats which is correctable. Sask surprised them and thats a coaching issue
I thought overall they looked to be the strongest by far of the East.
If they play well in BC that will be huge. They don’t need to win. Just execute and play hard. its a long season.

The TSN turning point was the Dresslor catch that should have been challenged, two plays later touch down, changed the game because Sask was 2nd and 16 and would have had to punt !! and Ticats would have got the ball in good field position, and possibly scored ??

Well for cats fan’s sake I hope that play is not dwelled upon. Mental toughness has been lacking here for years.
that was not a score. keep that in mind.
hopefully the athletes are not going “poor poor pitiful us” re that play. minor

This unchallenged Dressler catch is really getting annoying. I watched it again on TV. NOBODY but NOBODY saw that it was a definite trapped ball until AFTER the replay was shown on TV. Not the fans, not the other players on the field, not the TV commentators and certainly not any of the coaches on the bench, who, like Cortez mentioned, didn't see anything because Dressler's back was toward the bench blocking out any view of the ball hitting the turf. The funny thing is if Dressler had scored the scoring play would have been reviewed and then overturned. What do fans want?....Do they want Cortez to throw a challenge flag everytime the opposition catches the ball, just in case they missed something. Turning point my butt!!!! The 'Cats got owned by the Roughriders, especially in the second half. The turning point was when the 'Cats left the dressing room and ran out for the player introductions.

Not to dwell on it but your above comments are inacurate. I noticed it, was not certain but it looked like it was trapped. The fans where i sit noticed it.
Duane Ford and Rod Black both stated on the re-play that that was not a catch and should have been reviewed. Sask hurried up because they knew it was not a catch. I guess you did not watch the play !!

Later, during the game, I heard one of the TV commentators say that when asked about the Dressler catch, Jake Ireland, the man in charge of the video review for the league, said that if the challenge had been made he would have overturned it.

really? really?
of course it would have been overturned.
so what.
you really want to hang on that play?
As I’ve said I don’t think your team played that badly.
But if your athletes are as convinced as theses recent posters are that was the reason for the loss then they are doomed.
Time for some mental toughness boys.
fans sometimes mirror the teams attitude.

Just a point of information, that's all.

Not all of us are pressing the panic button, flag.

That's BS. The halftime was the turning point, as the TiCats played like crap the whole second half. While I would agree a few plays can make a difference in a game, the TiCat defense got schooled in the third quarter. Had Saskatchewan kicked the ball at that point, they would probably just have got it back not long after, and marched back down the field like they did all night. The Riders had over 500 yards of offense, one missed called only takes a small dent out of this.

People need to realise that this defense is no better than the one from last year, or the one the year before. They lost Hickman and Peach is hurt. How could anyone expect what was a terrible defense last year to be any better this year?

As far as the the Ti-Cats not playing too badly, I just have to wonder if this team was crushed by the Riders at home, who are they going to beat? I expect some good offense, but this defense will not give them good field position and will spend far too much time on the field. I know, I know, it's only one game, and I am hoping things will get better, but without some significant changes, I really can't see things going a lot better.


I agreed with I think it was Chris Schulz, who suggested that even if you have no idea whether or not it a clean catch, at that stage of the game, it would have made sense to gamble with a challenge even if it's overruled. If nothing else the delay for the challenge would have disrupted Saskatchewan's momentum after a big play late in the half.

But I also agree with those who say in the big picture, it didn't matter, because our defense got schooled so badly in the second half.

I watched Cortez's post game comments and thought what he said about it was great. Why didn't he challenge, because upstairs didn't get the video. "Ask TSN why the video didn't come in." Great comment by Cortez. Seems this always seems to be the problem with the Cats. TSN Doesn't get the video in to them

You don't hang a game on 1 play. Nor on 2 plays.
There is always going to be situations where a play gets called back,because of holding, or offside, or whatever.
This is part of the game. The point that gets me, is that the Cats were in the game at halftime, down 16-13.
But in the 2nd half, they were blown out.
So, it is not 1 play, or 2 plays, or 3 plays that made a difference. It is an entire half.
To be successful, they need to learn how to win, and play a full 60 minutes.
If they can't do that, or don't have the horses to do that - it will be some time before they start learning HOW to WIN.

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When I re-watched the game later, TSN's replay of the "catch" ended just as the Riders snapped the ball for the next play. It didn't seem like there was any extra delay getting to the replay, they just got the play off quick.

But, I did notice (live at the stadium, and on the PVR) that at least 2 players who had front view of the play were waving their arms in an "incomplete pass" type of signal toward the coaches. The problem is, players always do that, so the coaches might not know whether to believe them. If one of them was sure of what he saw, he should have gone right to Cortez and tried to convince him.

I can fully understand Cortez missing the play etc. My hope would be if any Ticat player on the field saw the play and felt strongly enough that it should have been reviewed...then don't just wave your arms....take a knee and force a stoppage or time out. Develop a leg cramp..fast.

I agree that the unchallenged Dressler play was NOT a turning point.
We were beaten by a better team. Period.
The turning point for this game was when we let Corey Chamblin go. :cry:
I hope George Cortez changes things around soon to make me forget that.