London, ON, 2013 here we come ... and I love it!

There has been lots of talk about where the team will play in 2013, and I thought I would share my 2 cents. I've been a season ticket holder since the "Drive to Stay Alive in '95". Although a disappointment for many that Mac won't be a fit in 2013, I am even more excited about the possibilities in London, at the University of Western Ontario. I've been driving from London to Hamilton for most of those years. It takes me an hour and a half to drive from my home in the Northeast corner of London, to get parked on the street beside Ivor Wynne. That is not far. I have 3 season tickets. I know there must be close to a thousand (or more) season ticket holders from the London area. This is an opportunity that cannot be underestimated. We have a chance to regionalize the team even further, and extend the reach of Tigertown to make London it's own.

Understand my thoughts as I elaborate a little more. Hopefully, some people in the Ti-Cats organization are listening. I fit the demographic dream: University educated, late 30's, great job, and I have some influence among some well connected Londoners (including my fellow employees at the largest public sector employer in the city - who just happens to be the title sponsor of the UWO stadium). Every year, I take 20 to 30 friends and/or co-workers to games in Hamilton, to introduce them to Ti-Cat football. I would be able to get 100's to games in London. I travelled to Moncton last year. The experience there could be tripled with a real "home field" advantage in London. The infrastructure is superior to Moncton. I was at the Argo/Ti-Cat pre-season game at TD Waterhouse Stadium in 2003. Double that crowd would creat such buzz in the city, that it would instantly take over the social media spotlight, newspaper coverage, radio and local TV. You can't buy that publicity to expand the fan base.

This will work, and is the best option. Don't let the opportunity pass. In my opinion, the Mac decision is the best thing to happen to the Ti-Cats ... they just don't know it yet. It's not only because I will relish the opportunity to have one year where I'm not driving three hours on home games ... although that will be nice. I can guarantee the stadium will be full every game. You will create new Ti-Cat fans for life and enhance the supply/demand ratio for future games at the new stadium in Hamilton, with the fans you will creat in the Forest City. It seems like the stars have aligned.

Than you Mac! Make TD Waterhouse Stadium home in 2013!!!


I hear you, tigertim. Very encouraging.

The Ticats are trying to regionalize the team and this could be a WIN-WIN for the Ticats Nation. Practices are being held in Burlington and St. Catherines soon. Mac's loss, is Londons gain. :thup: :thup:

I understand that London stands to gain some national notoriety as a city, but what does Mac lose?

Were they supposed to make money off of this? Was it going to cost them?

Other than being a good community partner, what was in it for them?

Who was going to pay for the stadium expansion at Mac? Could that have been the deal breaker?

Who knows what the details of the arrangement were to be, and what the real reasons are for turning down the Cats?

I would have thought that a 2013 home would have been dealt with when the IWS site was chosen.

I'm not too concerned about the 2013 location. I just want the new stadium to be great (and expandable)

I have it on good authority that McMaster plans to expand the stadium regardless of whether the Ti-Cats played there or not. One of my best friends works closely with the sports teams at McMaster and he has told me that Mac will be expanding Ron Joyce at some point.


Does Mac sell out games?

Do you know to how many seats? I think the Cats were contemplating 17,000 or so for Mac.

The Hamilton Nationals Lacrosse team plays at Mac starting this year !!

I don’t know the specifics, just that my friend has told me that expanding seating capacity is something they are going to do at some point. He talks to Jeff Giles quite a bit and I believe that is who told him of the plans. If I get any other info, such as some specifics, I’ll pass it along.

They played there last year too.

Not doubting you at all, but unless Mac is consistently selling out its 6,000 seats, why would they want to expand it?

OK, so I got some more info. Apparently, McMaster was going to expand the stadium if the Cats played there in 2013 and the idea was that the seating would be permanent. Apparently, McMaster does sellout the majority of its games, but not all of them. Now that the Cats won't be playing there, it looks like they won't be expanding. Sorry for my jumping the gun on saying they will. Perhaps your initial point (who would pay for the stand construction) was a sticking point.

No apology necessary this is all good discussion. Thanks for elaborating and following up!

Perhaps your initial point (who would pay for the stand construction) was a sticking point.
That makes sense to me.

Once again, people are speculating on matters they know nothing about and other people are swallowing it.

The reasons Mac gave may have been overstated. With so many stakeholders involved, in matters like this,

the safest answer for the officials at Mc Master to say was and is "NO." That is what institutions usually do.

I would have been nice if those officials had gotten the resolve to give this answer five or six months ago.