London done

Any hopes of having London back for the playoffs are merely a dream... done for the season.

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I just saw that... he's my #1 receiver, the most clutch, the most consistent, big play threat.
This one hurt a ton.

I feel like last year, only the offense is taking the brunt of the injuries this time.. at some point it's just too much to withstand.
Our top 4 receivers have been hobbled most of the year, 1 is officially out for the year now, and our #5 sucks.
We're down to our #3 RB, lucky as well he's really good but still.

We might still be able to represent the East, if the D shows up and ST don't blow it, but the goal is the Grey Cup and we needed ALL our weapons to have a shot vs. BC. In a 1 game take all format anything is possible, but we're gonna need a lot of luck on our side.

The other phases have to carry the load, the D needs to be dominant against starting QB's... and Trent Guy has to get healthy cuz he's the only one who's shown the ability to give us a productive return game.

War of attrition as they say, never felt more likely it than the past 2 seasons.

It is but Once you get to that game anything can happen. Lions could be taken out by an underdog and not even be there. Opponent could have a bad game. I think Richardson, Green, Bratton and Jennings are still an awesome combination Lavoie and Bowling have shown they can make plays and we may be pleasantly surprised by Tunei and Devine. These guys are big talents. Devine has been with the team the whole season.

or Lulay goes down or someone else on the Lions !

[i]"London done"
Hmmm... Sounds like an album by the Clash.


haha. Good One. Johnny. :lol:

We must have offended the football gods at the end of 2010. Last two seasons have been ridiculous in terms of injuries and serious long-term injuries in particular.