Well I guess this is the negotiation list finally coming to fruition.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have added former NFL quarterback Vince Young to their negotiation list.

A third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft by Tennessee, Young played six NFL seasons with the Titans and Eagles and a member of the Bills, Packers and Browns. He’s thrown for almost 9,000 yards in his NFL career with 46 touchdowns and 51 interceptions while adding 282 rushing attempts for 1,459 (5.2 yards-per-carry average) and 12 touchdowns. The 33-year-old hasn’t taken a pro snap since 2011 with Philadelphia. He announced his retirement from the NFL on June 14, 2014.

Young, who won a NCAA national championship with the University of Texas in 2006, has had bumps along his pro career. Distraught by poor play and injury, he disappeared for several hours in 2008, leading then-Titans head coach Jeff Fisher to phone police. And in 2012, the Associated Press reported that Young had spent much of the $34 million he earned in the NFL. In January 2014, Young filed for bankruptcy.

The Riders currently have veteran Kevin Glenn as well as youngsters Brandon Bridge, G.J. Kinne, Bryan Bennett and Jake Waters under contract at quarterback.

6 years of not taking a pro snap, ooh boy look out CFL the riders will be something to fear without a doubt. What a joke.

I could be wrong but I believe that once a player has 5 years pro experience he needs to be neg listed to even work him out in a mini. If that is the case I would assume that is all it is. I would hope there is no intent on signing him and this is a "sure, we will have a look at ya thing"

or potentially they wanted an arm for camp and he was like 'i don't know man' and this made it look all pretty like to him

it is a neg list...not too worried.

Murphy lied to Young’s agent. He told them Regina had a Krispy Kreeme and a Popeye’s.

Come on man I mean seriously why even waste the time or space? I mean the guy got nailed for DUI just last year and sure people make mistakes but could he even come here while on probation? I mean look at the size of the guy, perhaps Jones is going to convert him to one of the linemen spots? This is one of the latest photos available of him from dec of 2016.

If any other team did it I would laugh my *** off so us doing it makes it no less humorous, well actually it does but it really shouldn't shock me after last years fiasco. "we will leave no rock unturned looking for our next starting qb" well I guess this is the proof of that. :roll:

and look at him compared to 2 years ago when he had nfl tryouts...looks pretty similar. look at him 10 years ago...looks pretty similar. judging from a single photo i would say he then looks to be in similar shape. I would need to see a hell of a lot better of a shot than that one to pass judgement on what kind of shape he is in. but the man has never exactly been small i am not saying it is a brilliant move but it is a neg list spot...who cares. if he comes in to a mini he is an extra arm. if he for some reason lights it up then great....but I would be shocked if he got a training camp invite...though it is not impossible i guess...maybe lighting a fire under Glenn was required...who knows. Popp was trying to woo him for a number of years so I don't see it happening anyways....but this is a nothing move at this point in time that hurts absolutely nothing...these moves happen all the time and people wonder why the neg lists are not made public....because people would be spinning their tires on it on a daily basis.

and yes...a DUI is a manageable offense that you can still gain entry into Canada...i've known several people that have went the temporary residence route and my wife, as a lawyer, has helped people with that.

Its just the optics of the whole thing, I mean we trade Durant because he is getting too old or whatever and then we sign Glenn to be "insurance" ok fine, but seriously what do you accomplish by even looking at this guy? I mean in all honesty is there really any chance he will make the team? If he does then either he is really good or we are so bad in the position and that is pretty scary.

I mean look at the optics of it. This just reeks of grasping at straws. Sure I get other teams also add some very long shots to the neg list but most teams don't get the exposure the Riders do. I mean if BC or Toronto were to have done it then it probably goes completely unnoticed but not here, nope people are watching and taking notice.

" Vince Young move an odd one for Riders
— CFL Headlines (@CFL_Headlines) February 2, 2017

Every so often a professional sports organization makes a move that just leaves you scratching your head. This week, the Saskatchewan Roughriders did just that.

On Thursday afternoon, 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk reported that the Riders have added quarterback Vince Young to their negotiation list. That follows up some speculation from the team’s play-by-play man Rod Pedersen that the team might have interest in a former “fairly big name? NFL quarterback. Could Young be that guy? Perhaps. Is there more to come? Perhaps.

Having a passing interest in the former University of Texas quarterback isn’t that big of a deal. There was a time when adding Young might have been considered a good move or at least a risk worth taking. However, when you consider the fact that Young is currently 33 years old and hasn’t been part of a professional football team’s regular season roster since 2011, something just doesn’t add up here.

Age is certainly the biggest question mark. The Riders already have their experienced quarterback in Kevin Glenn. At 33, Young doesn’t exactly fit the bill as the team’s potential quarterback of the future. Could he figure out the CFL game and start for the Riders, or at least crack the roster should he decide to come north? Sure, anything is possible. But, it’s not like he’s going to be in that position for more than a few years if he does. At this point, the Riders should be looking to get younger and working to find their guy who will lead the franchise for the next decade.

This move does make some sense is if it’s paper work to try and bring Young to a workout or the team’s mini-camp in a couple of months just to get a look at him. There’s certainly no harm in that, even if he isn’t a long term solution. Young has also been invited to play in a spring league down south, this gives the Riders his rights should he look decent, if he decides to show up. Otherwise, Young is basically a waste of a spot on the neg list as it’s hard to imagine there’s a whole lot of interest across the league for a guy who hasn’t been on a roster in over five years.

Will Young even consider heading north of the border? That’s another question all together. Young has had a job with the University of Texas for a few years now, one that you imagine has to pay him decently considering his legendary status at the school. Would he give that up to make less money and start taking hits again at his age?

Since taking over the football operations department in Saskatchewan, Chris Jones has shown he’s willing to leave no stone unturned in order to find talent. This time, he could have left the stone exactly where it was."

So again is this exactly the kind of publicity the team needs? I sure don't think so and it seems like we are quickly becoming the joke of the league instead of the once pride of it. Signing like this and Mitchell are doing nothing to show otherwise either and in fact only makes more of a case that it is true. This is something I just don't think Jones gets and probably never will and it could be his down fall. Sure in other cities he could get away unscathed by some of these moves but here nothing goes unnoticed and with the team not being successful in the last couple of seasons that is not going to get any better. IF the team was winning then perhaps it gets shrugged off but it isn't and if it continues to lose and he keeps making moves like this it will get worse for him and as I said eventually it could get him turfed quicker. I'm sure the BOD don't appreciate the negative image hit that the team is taking every time something like this happens and could get quickly tired of it with especially no wins to balance things out. If the BOD don't care then that to me is a red flag and perhaps more then Jones should be under the microscope.

I think it is a big deal. With the money the Riders spent on these people that they would have room on their neglist to make a deletion to make room for this guy after a year on the job is shameful and should ring alarm bells with rider fans.

Oh please...every team has a spot or 2 sitting either empty or know who they are dropping next if they want to check someone out. it would be more concerning if they were not prepared to make moves even if it is a head scratcher to some degree...same as every other GM in the league.

ps...the Riders have not spent a pile more than most teams on "these guys" they have 6 staff scouts compared to most teams 2-3. they bring in others on piece work. more...yes...piles

Double the rest of the league. Coaching staff is also the largest in the league and they are still paying Taman and Chamblin. They are spending a couple million more than any other team. In CFL money that is a pile of cash.

J’ai l’impression que Jones veut faire parler des Roughriders au sud de la frontière. Je ne crois pas que Young va réussir à se tailler un poste dans la LCF. À mon sens, Brandon Bridge n’est pas moins bon que lui, et ce n’est pas exactement un compliment.

Encore in compliment plus que HfxTC peut gerer a flamingo coule.

BT and CC are off the books...their contacts were through this season but they were on the ledger 2 years not true.

how exactly do they have more staff than others? they have Jones holding multiple hats that other teams pay individuals more in total for than they pay 1 man....but hey...lets call that a split of equals for hahas. what else do they have? positional/coordinators/assistant coaches are essentially the same across the league...some have one or 2 more some have one or 2 less. What else? Murphy/Oday? hate to break it to you but other teams do this as Montreal is doing it. So they have about 4 extra scouts making maybe 300k total more a year at best...where is this "couple million" coming from. complete fabrication of your imagination...that is where. Yes...they are spending a lot more on camps than other way is that costing them a couple million as they have stated that registration is actually covering most of it.

He did the same song and dance in the No News thread

"Come on now. With Taman and Chamblin on the books sitting at home for two and a half years plus Jones rumored salary and his hires. This is the most expensive coaching staff in the CFL in decades if not ever."

Its a mini camp for FS. If its correct as posted above that to even have a look at a player with 5+ years they need to be on your neg list then this makes a bit more sense. It is not training camp - it is not during the season. It costs the team zip to see him run threw some plays ... rather that they do it in a try out mini camp then have him waste a spot at training camp

Frankly I don't care if we have 1, 10 or a 100 on staff and how much they cost. I do care about results though or more to the point lack of them. There is no question in my mind that for all the camps, and tryouts that we have had there has not been a great return so far. I mean when you see guys like fat boy Simms, Mitchel, Young even getting looks it does not exactly seem like impressive results. Oh I know the old saying you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a Prince but if the frog is out of shape or has not hopped in ages then why bother?

I would have no issue if they were testing young,unproven players that at least were in great shape and show some abilities and potential. That is worth it in my opinion, but this "leaving no rock unturned" philosophy is being taken waay to far. It is a waste of time and resources and even if it seems insignificant when its one player, when you start having more then one it does start to add up and again the perception to many is one desperation.

I think Jones and the scouting need to seriously narrow down their focus to players that are going to have an immediate or are potentially very close to being able to make an impact first , and then as we start to get better then expand to more "experimental " projects. The way it is now I think they are wasting valuable time more then anything with these wild long shots that have almost zero chance of making it.

That does not seem to be the case right now and thus we are seeing the Simms and Youngs that everyone is laughing and shaking their heads about.

dismal understanding of the neg list...which has been discussed a fair bit on here...tells you that a QB find in under 2 full seasons is very unlikely and more realistically it is 2.5....and I don't care how many camps you have. You might get the odd rare promising QB slip through cracks not on a neg list and into a camp (ie Franklin) but that is pretty rare. That is simple reality. positions beyond that you see some trickle but the best players beyond that take a year most times...which is where we are sitting now and should realistically JUST be seeing a few of those come through. Camps are where the guys simply missed entirely are picked up. That is how Cox was brought in...that is how Edwards was brought in...I think that is how Holley was brought in....that is how Rodgers who shows some promise was brought in....that is how Hunter was brought in and he shows some level of promise....that is how Euavoen was brought in.
Camps aren't showing results???? we will agree to disagree. If you can get that return every year PLUS the now just bearing fruit neg list...worth it. remember...the base is there if they bring in a handful of guys like this every season that are not thrown into the frying pan moving forward and can actually be developed a bit unlike some of these guys who were green a F and starting...getting that depth in place is massive. It blows my mind that someone could say there is not good value in these camps that are costing them very little other than time...and if these coaches are working 11 months of the year by working at these and reviewing tapes on the players when they are not then I have zero issue with them being paid a bit more than other coaches around the league because it would seem they are giving something back to the organization a way bigger chunk of the season. How does one "narrow down search?" do you want them having only 2 camps and focusing just on the players that attend those? that seems pretty stupid as opposed to being as broad as you can be. Open it to everyone...someone jumps out at you in a position you are not focusing on that is great...potential win. that does not mean they are not primarily looking at given positions with primary focus at the camps or in need all positions trying out at these to truly evaluate any given position. When you are looking for an employee do you want to look broadly or just recruit from one school? want to be looking at a few places...same concept...I really can't imagine how that would be hard to at all. Let people laugh because they make some silly moves with neg list players...big fricken whoop....they are looking at a pile of players and they are going to make the odd move in there that are red flags...same as every team in the league does....but the cold hard reality is that the more players that you look at the better your odds of finding the next gem is....and yes...part of that will always include taking looks at people probably they shouldn't.

as i said...I wasn't sure on the 5 year thing...but it is sticking in my mind for some reason...i will ask someone over the next couple days but don't hold me to that. Either was probably something that would have been needed just to try to appease him to show up for it. Nothing wrong with having some experienced arms in camps. Hell...even if this guy made it through i will say one thing...would love him in 4rd and short :smiley:

I have always been an advocate that neg list info should be more available...this has changed my opinion.

Again Jones proves what a joke he really is, and how he is slowly killing this team, again, cheap players make for a cheap team, almost anyone that was still worth keeping is all but gone, now he brings in a 6 year has not touched a ball player... LMAO, no wonder we are the laughing stock of the league right now, and again we will not be a contender!! No excitement here for this season to start, cuz we know how it will go!! year 4 in the bush here we come!!