Warning Long Read.

Well again, its that time of the season, where all I do is laugh at how pathetic this team is. For the past few years, its seems to always be around when NFL is going to start soon, where I lose complete interest in the Ti-Cats and the CFL.

And after these few years I use to blame the coaching staff, mostly about Marcel to friends and family, and maybe some of you may remember, a few weeks back it was our DC... Still think it is some what, but I think our problems are a little higher.

The point I am trying to make now, maybe its not our Coaches, but maybe, just maybe its our GM, ever since he has taken over, he has made our team a .500 team, which was fine for the first few years, cause we were a loser football team...

But this is just becoming a joke.. I truly believe our GM needs to go after this year. And hear me out

We knew our defence was a bit weak last year, and then with our D line being taken by the NFL... So what did our GM do? Got a Quarterback... I like this move cause I believe Burris is better then Glenn... But then we had a decent running back in Avon last year.... No lets cut him and sign a injury prone RB.. Yup good idea... He goes down re-signs Avon to only finally play tonight.... And we still lost.

Goes out and pays a high price for Fantuz... again not a bad signing, looked good on paper, but so far I havn't been that impressed... Maybe to much talent with our WR? Who knows? But wait didn't we get rid of AB3 because we wanted to save money? Or we had a lot of talent at the WR? So we go and make the same mistake by signing another high profile receiver.??

Why didn't this team sign any one of the plethora of defensive players that were available during Free Agency? Instead we lose all our good players on defense over the years and don't do anything to replace them, instead they waste money on running backs and receivers, when we already had a decent core...

Ugh I don't know what to think anymore, because I wonder if anyone in the office can see this pattern repeat every year? Or do they want this? Cause You know people would rather buy a Fantuz, Burris jersey over a Shell, or Hunt jersey.

End Long rant.

Fantuz has been a great signing, are you kidding me?

Him and Burris seem likey they are on the same page. Before he got hurt in the Calgary game he had 5 or 6 catches in the first half of that game.

How do you know we didn't try to sign any defensive players? Didn't we sign Greg Peach? Can't force guys to sign here. You offer then money and they choose to sign or not.

Well so was getting AB3 from Toronto, and look how that ended up played a season and a half was it? Correct me if I am wrong.

And usually when Free Agency starts we have people speculating and spreading rumors, on players we try to sign, nothing about the defence players , (not that I remember anyways) it was all offence on how amazing our team will if we can get Fantuz, Mallet and Burris, Also wasn't there a post where Anwar Stuart wanted to sign with the Ti-Cats? This team is hurting badly on defence why not give him a shot? Probably better then what we are putting on the field right now! Oh but I bet if Mass wanted to sign with Hamilton again we would be on the phones all day with him (Joke).

And are you telling me that the past few years anyone who was a decent player on Defence would not want to sign with us? Yet we have no problems signing Fantuz, and a bunch of other players that played offence that were to save the ti-cats season? Such as Printers, and so on and so on? Give me a break, this team either didn't try or didn't try hard enough for to sign any good players on defence.

Anwar Stewart is too old. We are trying to build a sustainable defense.

We traded for Burris.

We signed Greg Peach. He's played okay.

We have lost the following people in the last couple years due to age or the NFL: Hickman, McIntyre, Floyd. Those are big shoes to fill.

We made a mistake letting Baggs go but whether it was scheme or play on the field, that was a coaching decision.

Our DBs are okay. They are going to get lit up when the QB has 7 seconds to sit back and pick them apart.

Our linebackers are okay. Don't forget, Knowlton has been hurt.

We just need to generate pressure and stuff the middle on runs.

Obie is constantly trying to upgrade. If guys don't want to sign here and sign elsewhere for a few bucks more, that's their right.

Wasn't Burris considered to old when we got him? pretty lame excuse I say, give the guy a shot. What do we got to lose at this point?

And everything you said pretty much sums up what I been saying, everything is just "ok" Except I don't think Obie is trying... well maybe now he is after seeing how horrible our D is playing.

A 36 year old QB (now 37) is very different than a 30 something D end. Burris doesn’t have contact on every play and his game isn’t all about speed.

Obie signed players and they haven’t worked out. I think it’s more player talent vs scheming. There will be a lot of signings once the PRs open up.