Beer cup snake!

More proof of the great pairing of football and beer.

Here's a link to a video at YouTube that shows how long the cup stack was:

That's awesome.Only in the CFL :thup:

Holy crap! :o

Hahaha i can't say i have seen that one done before, got to love it at times when sports fans and alcohol mix.

I've read there's actually a world's record for a cup stack that held by some Australians.

How many cups do you think...?

Here's the Australian cup snake:

IIRC it was something like 70 m long.

Correct that - it was 45 m long, not 70 m.

Haha, I was right at section of 9 of Section S right on the walkway so it didn't reach me but EVERYBODY was loving it!

Keep doing what your doing Section S!

You would never see that at Mosiac when the Lions are in town....unless they could recover the cups from the field.


far from..........."W" I think the duuhblebbbluBLUE"
How far is Calgary to Winnipeg?

Don't you guys have a bird that has a W on its helmet?

they did it again tonight.

ya it was raining beer cups, everyone was throwing emptys to the guys in section "s" :thup:

beer sales will be huge in winnipeg this year!

well since, you can't re-enter the stadium anymore :x everyone is now forced to buy beer from the vendors, and the people are freaking slow. Some people are waiting in line for a whole quarter just for a beer. :thdn: