soo after the grilling i took about the roughing penalty in OT last week from riders fans...i simply comment on the missed PI in this OT and they delete my msgs LOL i guess they do not want anything wrote on their forum about how they got away with something even tho it all comes around in the end LOL pretty sad that the riders forum isnt a place to voice an opinion...just a place to praise the riders LOL

No…it’s a place to discuss, without constantly putting up with negative comments from fans of rival teams. The forum guidelines are relatively clear on that.

LOL i know we came to an agreement on this whole ordeal and i apologize but do you get like notices when people make new threads cause it took you no time at all to sniff this one out LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw...I'm just that good... 8)

lol apparently!

havent u heard
trolls smell

how am i a troll? im in my own forum can you say the same piss off your a complete douche

oh is this your team i wouldnt know
your in sk room
Bc room
montreal room
Calgary room

i can count the times i respond in other rooms on my hand
doubt u can
putz :thdn:

oh so becuase you have no opinions on anything but your own introverted self loathing and i like to communicate with fans from other teams im a putz? congratulations you have won the most ignorant idiot on this forum today good job you earned it

Take it to private message...