how does 3rd place feel girls

Hey they ain’t in third just yet, they have to beat Hamilton remember?
You of all people RnR should remember how well the Ticats can play when they decide to show up. :smiley:

Remember how there was a thread about being boneheads in another teams area well you two made the top of the list!

Oh and you sure are one to talk redwhite. Try taking some of your own advice for once.

Sorry but I think your wife needs to help you out here!

No, redwhite.....they're absolutely about the cheap shots you're taking in the Esks forum? You can't preach if you're as guilty as the others. tell you the truth RnR, I'd rather finish in fourth and make the crossover.....that'll leave Sask and Edm beating on each other to see who gets to go to BC Place.......I'm not saying the east is an easier way to the GC, but I'd take two games in domes vs. a Nov game at either Commonwealth or Taylor Field.........

thats the diffrence between stamp fans , and eskie fans,

eskie fans wanna finish first, you are willing to take the easy way in

.....from the debacle that was the stampeders over the last three years our goal this year was just make the playoffs, anything after that is gravy.....making sure your team's 35 year playoff streak ends is next year's goal......

Don't worry, fi the scheduling works out for once we get the EE 3 times next year.

Sorry JM02 you are wrong on this one. The comparing of the cheerleaders has nothing to do with trolling on ones forum Budha and I are checking out who has the chubbiest cheer leader. This is not a hostile action such as your good friend Unreal. If you notice he has been in every forumn throwing crap at everyone. He accuses me of trashing the Riders and yet I have come to their defense many times. Such as this past weekend game.

Riders show their true colors October 10, 2005 11:17 AM

In defense of the Riders. They have been playing well for six games now. So why post this? Big deal they lost to Montreal a good team but they were in the game to the end. Six times the lead changed. I could see if they lost like they did during their slide but they didn’t. Come on Eskie fans you are kidding all of us right!
So JM02 it is okay for some Rider fans to do this please let me know if the rules only apply to some Rider fans. Then we will all know what to expect.


My good friend unreal? Never met the guy. Just because someone else is trolling doesn't make it right. My point is this: you can't go around preaching that others shouldn't do it when you are very guilty of the same thing. You do slam the Riders - frequently, I might add - and assume it is okay. Yes, you come to their defense - won't deny that - but you do trash them. Personally, I don't think it's right for anyone to do this.....if you're accusing me of holding a double standard, I don't have a clue where you would have picked this up from. I hate it when Rider fans troll just as much as I hate it when fans from other teams troll.

OMG! This coming from jm02!!!! You LOVE the trash talk just as much as the next guy. But you don't condone it when it's directed towards the Riders!

You'll also notice that my "trash talk" is usually directed at assinine comments made towards things people can't control. I give credit where credit is due, never underestimate any opponents, and don't troll in other teams' forums just to get a rise out of people. More often than not, I'm the one sticking up for people when others are making fun of physical features and the like. I don't condone it for anyone.

Thank god I don't trash talk. I just tell it like it is. If you don't like, I don't care.

I haven't been trolling too too much, just acting immature and posting in caps etc. Although I do act like an ass at times, been picking up some bad posting habits from redwhite2005.

JM02: I am not sure if Dribble boy has ever logged on to If he has he does it under another name. THe pictures that we got were from the other teams web page. There was no trolling forums.

Look first off yes I do trash the riders to a point. When they play well I have stated that. If the stink the place out I trash them. If they squeek by an opponent I say they were lucky. No to some Ride fans this is trash no doubt but this is my opinion. Now on physical attributes of cheer leaders well this was sort of male thing betweent Buhda and I. But tell me most males look at the cheer leaders and talk well almost all males I think the Rider males may not! ( for Saskargo). As far as the chubby eskie cheer leader well you are right on that one that is not nice but look at the bright side if she does look at the post just maybe she will stay away from Tim Hortons.

Oh by the way I do not cheer or care fopr the Rider team therefore yes trash talk is par for the course.