I have just come to the sad realization that all these Maas, Chang threads are getting us no where lol, so I just want to suggest that we all just agree to disagree and i'm not going to tlk about Maas anymore. Because lets face it, we're all stubborn and no one is going to change any of our opinions. So lets all just drop it lol and if someone new comes along and wants to talk about the subject don't bug them, let them talk it out with any other new posters.


That's a really good idea, but I won't hold my breath until it happens (although I'm sure there are some who wish I

All that will happen is that people like me will start threads discussing the merits of threads discussing the merits of Chang/Maas. :slight_smile:


I think your right,we do have to laugh about all these threads on Maas, Chang, anti this, anti that. But at the same time,this qb issue is really what is holding back our team. It is the main topic of discussion because without a good qb, our team isn`t going to win. So as long as our team continues to lose. Most threads will probably be about the qb.

I think what is holding our team back are penalties real, and/or undeserved and/or uncalled.

Its hard to win when you are 100 + yards in the hole due to penalties