lol... What the heck were they doing there?

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Too funny.

I wonder if the refs got blamed for allowing the fans on the field for this game too?

lol you havent seen that before??

Long time ago..... But its still funny every time I see it.

It was a first for me, but last year, I saw something ressembling.

Two college teams line up for the final play of a championship game, which will be a kickoff. The receiving team absolutely needs to bring it back for a TD to win. So guys do about five lateral passes to avoid ending the play. At some point, the ball carrier gets tackled... but he fumbles.

Not noticing the play is still on, members of the kicking team swarm the field, dancing and celebrating the victory. Seeing this, members of the receiving team leave the sideline for mid-field so they can handshake the winners.

But the play is still on and a member of the receiving team picks up the ball and starts running. Then it's a major confusion as there are about 80 guys on the field, some running after the ball and the others completely clueless...

It was priceless...

So how many yards do you think the kicking team got called on? :lol:

I hate those bands when they get into the game. :lol: and one of the players takes one out!!! runs into them like a train! :lol:

Got to love the lateral (Rugby) pass!

That's Tops!!! :thup: :thup:

Yeah, I also like when the musician gets leveled !

Thanks 3nd, I think I'll send that clip to the Rugby Footy Show in Australia to show on That's Tops.

That's just outstanding!

i can't see that website when i'm at work, but from this thread it sounds like it's the cal-stanford game. seriously, who hasn't seen that before?

It is the Cal-Stanford game. And this really is the first time I see it.

My dad waited until he was 60 before he tried eating a yogourt, so I guess you can go a long time before you experience what others have known for years.