LOL this makes me laugh!

Quote ripped from the front page stories!

"Having reviewed film on both of the plays you ask about, there was no grasping of the face mask and the no-calls were correct."

according to tom higgins this was not a face mask. I loved how so many rider fans said it was obviously a face mask etc lol. I like how as soon as someones hand goes near a face mask it must be a penalty lol. I had just as good a look as most those nay sayers and felt there wasnt enough there to tell so I didnt comment. Heres an idea ladies, get some objectivity while looking at penalties where your team is involved! homer called, he said "DOH!" I enjoy when people say things as though they are fact and havent a clue!

So the final results of that game were a clean fumble and a Lions win! Oh thx for the beers! YUM!