LOL!!!!! something you must read!!!!!!!!

deleted i have deleted this post

  1. What problem, exactly?
  2. Does he know you're posting his comments on another website?

I didn't post his comments, i posted what are supposed to be my comments to him. Lol!

Nice edit job.

I still don't see the issue, even after you edited out the section that appeared to be his comments to your comments...

thank u! can i get in trouble for posting his comments on another website? If so I will delete the entire thing!

Your post makes no sense. And you spelled "feild" wrong.'s just good form to always let the other person know you'll take the comments elsewhere, is all...

Like others, I fail to see what the issue is... :expressionless:



Just attribute your quotes, just like they teach you in Journalism school.

If on the same site or forum thread, it's acceptable to not attribute the site:
BillyBob Jones said:
" ... blah blah blah. ..."

If from a different site, forum, magazine, book, conversation, speech, TV show, etc
" ... Blah blah blah ..."
-BillyBob Jones; somewebsite dot com

If it's from a periodical (newspaper, for example) or broadcast, you should include the date and/or episode, etc:

" Blah, blah, blah. ..."
BillyBob Jones; Stupid Sports Show; BBSN, aired on June 17th 2008