LOL im glued to my computer

The anticipation on who is starting at QB is Killing me LOL

I think if it hasn't been announced by now, it will be a game time decision. My gut would suggest it will be Glenn getting the call tonight. We shall see.

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The Twilight Zone.

Tonight will be the beginning of a new era in starting quarterbacks for the Cats.

Good show...and? LOL

We are in limbo, granted.

I'm basing that surmise on the injury possibility re Porter, not having his medical chart in front of me. If Quinton is good to go, I want him to start. Time will tell.

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Era, schmera. LOL

The way goes, one statement by a player becomes a festering talking point for a couple of weeks, so perhaps on the hyperbole scale you're on to something. :wink:

I support whoever is in there. Just get it done. :smiley:

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Any news ? It is blank on the depth chart

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I’d like to se glenn get the start, The Esk’s have the worst passing D and Arland Bruce is making huge contributions to our O he’s been the leadin reciever in the past 2 games and adjusting to the team well. This could be the game AB3 and Glenn light it up…The big worry i son defense with an already weak run D two of our (ticats) D lineman are out for tonights game.

Easy on the drama there laughinghard. Tonight will be just another step in Porter's development path.

Callin' on Kevin

Tiger-Cats may look to Glenn as Porter nurses sore knee

Last Updated: 29th August 2009, 4:21am

"Odds are, it'll be Kevin Glenn taking the snaps tonight for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The veteran quarterback has been taking the lion's share of reps in practice this week with starter Quinton Porter nursing a sore knee.

"That's up to the coach, I don't make those decisions, I just go out there and prepare as though I'm going to start," said Glenn.

"We'll see when game time comes. When you're a quarterback, whether you're No. 1, 2 or 3, you have to prepare as though you're going to play. That's how I've always approached the game and that's how I'm going to continue to approach the game."

Porter was under centre the last time the two teams met three weeks ago.

The second-year quarterback, scored a touchdown in the final minute, which gave the Tiger-Cats a 28-21 win.

The following week, Porter was pulled in favour of Glenn in a loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"The decision really comes down to one simple thing," said Tiger-Cats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille.

"Quinton has a little bit of a sore knee, there is nothing structural to it, it's healthy, we just have to feel confident that he'll be able to do everything athletically that he needs to do, that he'll be able to run and do those things at 100%..."

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Start Glenn tonight- Porter gets the LDC - Either can start in Skydome for the re-match. It's a nice problem to have.

According to our depth chart we're going with the good old no qb system.. Perfect way to end any qb controversy

What i find funny is that MARCEL seems not to want to tell them so that haev to prepare for both QB's .

Well this makes semese , however usually Hamilton's offensive game plan is such a joke ( 5 yard passes to covered recievers ) that i am not sure preperation really matters : )

by the way , I think the reason that Porter is having troubles is because he doesn't taKe off as much as he was ...when he does that then the db's can't overcommit to a reciever and turn their back on him .

CHML says that Glenn will be the starter......

Let see what Kevin :thup: can do

According to TSN, Porter has a knee injury!!