LOL Crandell playing this week!

Are you kidding me! The guy is never was news. Durant plays like the second coming of Joseph and the dumb coach is going to put hit the turf Crandell. I smell a loss this weekend.

Suprise---Durant's starting with Crandell backing up.

Yea Crandell still isn't quite 100% but you have to understand Miller's philosophy. He believes that no player should lose his starting job because of an injury. Even though Crandell did not perform GREAT, he did perform so so putting up 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, but he still deserves a chance to play number one for a bit because he didn't do much wrong to lose his spot. I know Durant played well and personally i would LOVE to see Durant be our starting quarterback so we can finally develop someone for once but yea Crandell deserves another shot in my opinion.

Trav Stamp fans believe he should play all year.

They believe Crandell should play all year?? Oh my bad, i thought you guys were saying Durant should! I miss interpreted!! :oops:

LOL No Trav in reality I feel Durant is the better QB. You had it right. But because most Stamp fans believe Crandell puts your team in a position of losing that is why Stamp fans like it that he is the starting QB. In all fairness the guy has not proven himself other then 2001 when probably the worst team to win a GC won and Crandell put a 7 game streak together but since then it has been nothing but failure for him. So believe it is because of so many coaches over the years. But I have a feeling and this is my opinion is that he does not have what it takes between the ears to lead a team. Durant on the other hand is a gem. The more playing time the more this kid is going to be a diamond. The future looks good at that position for the riders. I do not think it will take long before the coaches put Durant as number 1. The only problem as Stamp fans would say keep Crandell in LOL>

Take Care Trav keep up the great posting love chatting with ya.

That dumb coach is 4 and 0. And if he is 5 and 0 after today he will be 2 games ahead of your Stamps. Maybe the Riders coach is smart. The Stamps fan is dumb.

Ah shit i'm just confused but now i get it :lol: but yea this is the first time that i can remember we finally have a good young quarterback (so he has been so far anyway) and Yes he will be the future of our club, hopefully near. I also would like to see Durant be our starting QB but like i said Crandell shouldn't lose his job to a minor injury. Haha thanks rw and i'll see ya around, its been a while but i'm back on the forums, for a bit anyway!

The "never was news" Crandell as you call him seemed to be able to beat a certain Edmonton team that Burris wasn't able to beat.

Well it was not Crandell that beat Edmonton it was your team. You fail to realize that the stamp defense have several knew guys. And that will happen from time to time they will have lapses. The first game of the season we lost 5 starters from that young defense. Crandell I hope plays for you guys all season LOL because frankly your team is not as good when he does. I guess we will see next game right.

Great It is great your back I would hope that many of your fellow fans could post like you and then it would not be a personal hassle all the time. Durant is going to be the number one qb sooner then most think.

...after tonight, I wouldn't put money on that one.

Wow Jyles looked good tonight. It appears they could put KOKO the chimp in there and the riders would still win.

The Riders offence is not built around the QB and needing the QB to make big plays. Thus they do not need a phenomenal QB to have an effective offence. For the most part, they rely on the RB to set up play action passes. Jyles was able to fool the entire Argo d a few times yesterday doing this and in the process copmleted some mid-range passes.

Yea he really surprised me with his play, i just don't know how well our team can do if we keep losing one of our KEY starters every game! But yes we do rely on Cates quite a bit on our offense, we rely on our rb and fb ALOT, you always see Hughes making a couple key plays a game as well!

Well Trav it goes to show the riders have very good depth with the guys that have gone down. Fantuz is a tough one for the riders the kid is probably their most dangerous weapon in my opinion. Durant cracked ribs or fractured same thing basically will take lots of time to heal. The rib cage is tough because breathing causes the bones more time to heal. I know I was kicked by a horse in the rib cage and fractured my ribs on both sides. It took three months just for the pain to be gone. The cartelidge needs to heal as well. He could after six weeks wear a flak jacket but if he takes a shot to the rib cage the process would have to start all over again.
Good luck with the next game I just hope the Stamps do not take this lightly.

Hey, hey, hey, he was your Grey Cup MVP! Give him his dues! :smiley:

LOL he had a seven game winning streak after that he became a bench warmer. He had his line light even though it was short.

Its going to be a blow out :frowning:

Your right the sea of green will be running out at half time. LOL