Lol bombers

guess the mighty have fallen? did you guys honestly think you would be able to win the east? the east belongs to the als, plus you guys should be looking in back of you!

:lol: :lol:

....wonder how the Als would do without Calvillo and Cahoon.....your defence would probably have to be on the field 80% of the game....i don;t think i would like Montreals chances...and its never good to look back....look ahead my friend ...look ahead.. :o :lol:

Montreal has enough depth to remain cometitive without Calvillo and Cahoon. With our O-line and Edwards, and our other receivers, we could get by. I'm not saying we would win every game, but we'd certainly do better than the Bombers did last night.

We all got a glimpse of the talent your backup QB brings to the field. He did throw a TD, unfortunately, to the wrong team. Just sayin, losing Calvillo would hurt pretty bad.

Go Riders!!

This loosing streak that the Bombers are on has made the fans realize that winning the East is not a gimme. Looking at the rest of the Bombers schedule I find it difficult to pin point any games where they will win decisevely. They could easily loose the rest of their games.

That's what the bombers fans said about Roberts and their D. You can't win games just running the ball.

You can't judge a backup QB on three pass attempts. Yes Winnipeg thought they would be fine with Roberts, but Winnipeg doesn't have Montreal's O-line, or their depth at receiver. Nealon Greene wouldn't have to win a game with his arm, all he would have to do is manage the game, something I believe he would be capable of doing.

Calvillo and Cahoon have both had games where they have been all but invisible this year, and yet the Als are still undefeated. I am not saying I would be happy if those guys went down, but I do believe we would be in a better position than most teams in that same situation, just because of the depth that Jim Popp brings in every year.

You're probably right, you probably would be in a better position than Winnipeg.. but being better than a five point, 9 turnover performance isn't saying much. Without Calvillo and Cahoon.. you would lose. It's true for every team in the league.. none of us have a strong backup, and if we lost our starter AND our #1 reciever, we'd be dead. Any of us.

I disagree. BC won last night without DD, and Simon didn't do much in the game. Calgary is another team that could probably compete in that situation. Danny Mac has been there before, and they have other weapons at receiver besides Lewis. And they have a great running game and a solid D. I am not saying all teams have the depth to compete, but a few do.

Simon might not have done much, but he was IN the game, which means he was not only catching balls, but also blocking, and drawing probably two defenders away from the other recievers. Even with him there BC's offense was shaky at best, if they'd played without him against ANY team in hte league with their starters.. they would have lost. Same goes for Calgary. We've had enough trouble offensively with all our starters... take them away... forget it.

I don't know how many times I tell you, it "lose" not loose.

While I agree that no team would do well without its starting quarterback and star receiver, I'm positive my Als would do better than the Bombers, because Nealon Greene, as much as I hate him, is still about 100 times better than Mike Quinn at this point. It's not about coming off the bench and throwing 4 TDs, it's about playing smart and not losing the game for your team. With our defense, running game, and strong O-line, Greene doesn't have to be a hero; he just has to avoid turning the ball over and move the chains when it counts. Quinn was beyond awful last night and I truly believe the Bombers could have won that game if he'd even been mediocre instead of atrocious. I mean, the Bomber D only gave up 1 TD, and held the Lions to field goals otherwise, despite the depressing reality that every time they made a big play and forced a turnover, Quinn would give it right back to the Lions.

So, to repeat, the Alouettes would do better than Winnipeg. Not saying we'd win every game, or even 50% of our games, if Calvillo and Cahoon were hurt, but our offense wouldn't be flat-out embarrassing the way Winnipeg's was last night.

Take away their two best O-linemen as well.

I'm sure they'd certainly look better than we have the last couple weeks, but very likely would have gone 0-2 as well. Either way, the ball's in our court to get out of this.

its true the als have better depth than us
especially at reciver

Actually, we've been missing two of our best O-linemen for a few weeks now. Dave Mudge's season is over because of a torn pectoral muscle, and Luke Fritz has been out of the lineup with a groin injury.

It really doesnt matter what happens from now until the playoffs, just as long as you make them and are healthy once you get there, just ask the EE about that.

I don't know how many times I tell you,
it's "it's" not "it".

Mistakes happen when there is no spell check.

Your missing the fact that mine was a typo. You make that spelling mistake on a daily basis.