lol at Edmonton fans at the end of the game

Before play:


After play:

Edmonton fans: …

Seriously what do you expect! Any fans would react the way they did tonight when losing like that! You guys really need to get help! :lol:

Obviously any team's fans would do that. It doesn't make it any less funny. Macocia's face was the real kicker though. :twisted:

Now I am in agreement with that! Sort of like last year when he ripped his head set off shaking hands thinking the game was in the bag! And boom loses on the last play of the game. The little sugar plum fairy did not dance tonight!
I pulled the same thing tonight in my first post! I was about to slag the Bombers and boom Stegal foils the plot!

…what was it red…it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…that play by Stegall and Glenn will rate up there for a very long time…Kevin almost gave it away…and then took it back…You can’t say enough about Milt…one of the greatest receivers to ever play in this league…and he proved it last night…goBigBlue

I seemed to have missed maccoccicoccioccias facial expression while Stegal was running it in. I just saw it about 20 seconds after which didn't seem to amusing. Anyone have the game recorded and can send me a pic of him or post it?

What was really funny was Berry folowing Milt dowb the sidelines

...i think he was trying to find him to shake his hand....waaaaaaaay to go Milt... :thup:

The Glenn to Stegall TD was the funniest thing ive seen in a long time. Maccioca thought it was in the bag, and the Eskimos actually tried to go after Glenn on that last play, which made the catch sweeter to watch. I coudnt stop laughing at Maccoica; and the Winnipeg bench jumping up and down as Stegall went in for the TD. Edmontonians had better watch out when they pass Commonwealth today, they might see a head or two rolling… :lol: :lol:

.....even if you don't like Maccocia as a Coach you gotta give him credit for his on screen appearances....the stunned 'you gotta be kidding' mouth open eyes of disbelief after The Play was hilarious...kinda felt sorry for him, NOT!!!......

Horrible play-calling by Edmonton. Why did they rush so many when Winnipeg had 100 yards to go? Why not rush 3, have 9 back with 4 of those sitting at midfield?

Stegall just had to run by two guys and game over.

...hey....someone had to get him the ball....i thought Glenn more than made up for coughing up the rock near the end..what a come-back :thup:

......but roughy is right, not taking away anything from Kevin/Milt but that one was gift wrapped......sending 5 or six maybe (can't remember) on a prevent formation!?!?....PREVENT?!?! send three down linemen, maybe an end, and everyone else is WAY back.....what a defensive melt down.....

...all i remember coming from the Edm. side-lines was....'don't take a sireeee...don't take a penalty and all is good men...they were concentrating so much on that ...they forgot how to play football...Milt didn't.. :lol: :rockin:

Yes Maccocia looked plum fairy good at the end! But hey this play fooled many! The announcers were saying Edmonton was tied for first place and realty was they are in last! But never count out the Eskies! Yes pappa. (edit), true enuf, no flags on that one.....Maccocia had a sound bite on the radio this morning saying "we kept yelling at the guys to Back Up Back Up Back Up"......guess they're Back Ups now....

It just baffles me why they did that. I can see on a 2 and 15 sending more people to rush the quarterback but on a 2nd and 100.

I'm not taking anything away from Glenn and Milt though, it was a great pass and catch.

But they did the same play on first down and I could even see then that if they had caught the ball they would've had a lot of room on that play.

Amazing how quick Danny M is to blame his players, yet not mention the coaching staff's decision to blitz the house. It is unacceptable on the last play of the game with 100 yards to go to leave receivers one on one with DBs.

He is immune to blame!

i NEVER under-estimate the ESKS......we came in there with 4 days rest...(1 travelling)..they were preparing for us for two weeks...i was quite surprised how tough our 'd' really is....Berry said the Mont. game was an apparition'' (bad reffing) tend to agree with him now....the Bombers were definitely ready...the Esks. weren't.. :wink: