Lokombo could be with the Lions

According to an interview with Buono he will be contacting Lokombo, who has yet to find an NFL rookie FA contract.
Problem is that Lokombo is recovery from shoulder surgery and now all of his negatives are coming out.
Buono said that they would be very interested in signing him and placing him on the 9 game IR until he is healthy.

IMHO if he has not been signed as one of the top rookie Free Agents yet he would have to prove himself at a rookie mini camp in which he is not able to attend do to recovery.
having a pro contract with the Lions gives him access to the BC Lions facilities and training staff and could use this time to re prove himself.

Good luck with that Wally.

His best option is to sign with the lions. after two years of he's healthy try to NFL again.

That may be very well what will happen IMHO. If he was not recovering from Shoulder surery he likley would have been signed as a rookie FA or Later round pick.

He has a number of teams interested in him now. They are just waiting for his shoulder to be healed, he thinks he'll be ready for NFL camps.

While that may be so, with all the rookie camps and OTAs goin on in the meantime, if he’s not on the field he runs the risk of finding himself out of a place to go come opening of main training camps if other players stand out and grab spots. Worst thing an for an unsigned rookie is an injury while others are on the field busting their butts.

CFL will still be there

That is exactly right. How long does he wait until a NFL team does sign him to a Training camp roster spot?
As rokkie mini camps are going on as well as OTA’s he will be unable to participate in any of them.
Once July hits he would still be able to get an induvidual workout from a NFL team.
If at that point he still is not ready to participate due to injury and NFL training camp begins if he is not on a TC roster he will not be on an NFL roster of Practice roster in 2014.
Missing an entire season he would need to compete with a whole other rookie class for 2015 and his stock will certainly not rise but likely to fall.
He can wait out through CFL training camp and come July a decision will need to be made if he wants to collect a pay check in 2014 and also have a pro staff and facilities at his disposal. Could be ready for the second half of the CFL season and could be in a good position for 2015 season to play in the CFL becoming a free agent after the season

Its not an ACL or anything like that. Its a small labrum tear that he played with for the last 3 years at Oregon. likely prevented bothered him more in the weight room which would have killed his combine numbers. The draft was just a couple days ago. If he gets no interest in the next month then he probably will look at it. He’s not closed to the idea. I just think its a little early for him to walk away.

I’m just really focused on the draft and we’ll see what happens after that. The CFL? I was a running back in high school (Lokombo ran for 1,558 yards and 22 touchdowns in his senior year at Mouat). I still think I could be a running back. Maybe I could line up with Andrew Harris (of the B.C. Lions). An all-Canadian backfield. That would be amazing. I never really thought about that before. That would be interesting. It would be interesting.
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