Logos on the Field

I just love the logos on the field. A lack of logos is so old school. They add to the excitement and hype. Only old guys over 25 don't like logos. I love knowing that some phone company is excited about my team. I wish they would glow and that they would make noise every time a player stepped on them. That would be so cool....


Yeah, I like the logos myself.

Good for the CFL, good for the fans, everybody wins.

Advertising dollars always help!


I was making ironic reference to the thread on TD celebrations. Oh well... back to my natural home on ticats.ca

C'mon now don't be shy...we accept all here (although I wonder why sometimes). Have a beverage...plop down by the tv and join us for a game or two no? :wink:

Well, I don't know about lighting up and making noise, that would just be over the top.
But the logos alone? I have no problem with those.
Cause they make the league money, and when I'm watching football, I never notice them.

funny...CFL is channel 5 and NFL bills vs browns are channel 6...

at CFL commercials, id put it to the NFL just to compare the action and quality of broadcast.

CFL's is much sharper picture, faster action and looks more pro.

the NFL is dull, slow, the announcers sound like thier sleeping, the uniforms are very ugly and the crowd is quiet.

if i didnt know, id say the CFL is the richer of the two leagues.

Unfortunately, logos in every major league are everywhere, and even though it can be distracting and annoying at times, it makes the CFL look more pro, even if it is by the U.S. sellout standards. As long as the roots of the Canadian game are preserved, like as long as the GC remains a fan's party first, I can live with it.

I like the team and league logos, but not the ads, I could do w/o those, although I know they need to be there for $$$ reasons.

about you last idea, stupid, very stupid. I don't watch a football game and then think about buying a car or cellphone afterwards.