Logos and how they should be facing i.e. Edmonton Elks

I like the new Edmonton Elks helmets with the horns, I spent 45 years as a Graphic Designer. It reminds me of the old Montreal Wings I saw as a child.

But a sports Logo should always be facing forward and when the Elks use that 'Elks Logo" helmet the logo or Elks character face backward on one side of the helmet ???? This makes no sense. It should be facing forward in the direction of scoring! Please consider this and think about it. It there anywhere else where the logo of a team faces backwards as the Elks have done with theirs - please change it looks graphically bad and makes no difference if it is switch so the Logo faces forward.

I agree, but I think this season they're using a new EE logo on the helmets. But maybe they'll use the elkhead logo on special occasions. Hopefully, they'll splurge on two sets of logo stickers so that both sides can face forward.

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Then after you apply those fancy 'EE Stickers' you can take things to a whole new level by putting a yellow sign on the goal line that reads, "Elk Crossing". :grin:

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