Looking for info on the Eskimo Logo. Found a poster at a yard sale that has a shock of wheat, oil rig and football on it. Know it was from after 1966 from the matching poster of Sask. Rough Riders which had 1966 Grey Cup on it Been looking around the net and so far can't find anything with old CFL logos. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

Maybe this will be of some help; I went to google Canada and typed in old edmonton eskimos cfl logos and pressed enter. The page came up (scroll down a touch) and you should see: LogoServer - Football Logos - CFL - Canadian Football League and clicked on it and a page came up with the old logos and seen the logo you are reffering to being wheat, oil rig and football on it. The page has all old logo's for all of the CFL teams. For me I don't know how to put the link to this in this post. Hope this works for you dragon. :thup:

Thank you very much! So from this and the fact that the Green Riders poster says 1966 I guess I can safely say they are from 1967. Just love those yard sales! Now the trouble is finding a place to display my small collection of CFL "stuff". The house is so full of other "stuff"! Thanks again !