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Maybe I was blind for all those years, but watching the Alouettes VS Winnipeg game tonight I noticed for the first time that the Blue Bombers players have their team's logo at the front of their shirt, instead of the player's number.

I find this unusual but honnestly I find this better looking to have the team's logo on the shirt. What's your toughts? Do you think the other CFL teams should do the same?

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OK for hockey. Not for football.


Ahh, so that's why we lost this one. :grin:

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It’s what they do in fußball!

You haven't been blind--this was the first time they wore those jerseys. Their regular ones have numbers on the front.

I'm so used to numbers on the front that I prefer that look. Somehow it looks stronger to me that way. But maybe it just takes getting used to. Heck, if the leagues needs new revenues badly enough, maybe they will consider selling the jersey fronts to corporate sponsors like some other sports do.

That 10th,
is hard to get,
as a MUTHA!



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Does Legghio have any French connections to Montréal Mob?

Funny thing soon as I saw those uniforms I thought this is a bad omen for the Bombers . Streak breaker .

The third jersey should be more traditional .

Hate the Hockey jersey look .


When is the Winnipeg bon fire of the 3rd?

I see it’s a bad omen to wear
The W,
and not get
The W!

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Don't like it. It's hell for the umpire (the guy standing among the linebackers) to detect offensive holding and remember some number within a fraction of a second while continue to officiate when the action moves elsewhere.


So does that mean if a ref doesn’t get the exact number of the player s/he won’t throw a flag?

He/she has to tell the head coach he did not get the number (NFHS).

Taking a split second to look for the small number throws them off for picking up where they left off.

I should be a moderator in the CFL forums. I think you know why.

Well, I don't know why.

Care to educate me?

The traditional look sells .

When I see the logo in front I see trying too hard .

How many Redblack fans have been asking for a traditional third jersey incorporating the old RR look of the past with solid black jersey with just stripes on the arms instead they give us kids pyjamas with some feminine plaid styled pants and jersey .

The helmet they proposed for that look was axed thankfully . It was too busy and complicated .

Not sure they use any think tank in the CFL they just throw things on the board .

KISS Keep it simple .


Some teams jumped on that bandwagon in 1995.

yuk even worse side stomach and full gut logos .

1990's angry faces facing the right... 2 of 3 for teeth. Hockey teams would have a hockey stick between them. lol

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