Logging in

Up until a couple of days ago I havent had to log in for a few weeks. Last few days I have loged in at least 25 times.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I've always had to log in every time I reconnect to the Internet. Lately, however, I've noticed that even after I've logged in and stayed onthe site, I suddenly find that I'm no longer logged in. Like my session expired and I got logged out automatically or something. Mildly annoying.

That is exactly what I mean.
If my compuuter is on I leave it at the forum page. If i come back into the room I just hit refresh to see if there are any new posts. Now if I do that It tells me I am not logged in.

As for logging in everytime I connect, never happens to me. I would log in once, turn off the computer at night, turn on the computer the next day and be logged in. This would go on for at least a week or two untill I was asked to log in again

Maybe it's related to the server upgrade work they've been doing?

It's common practice to log people out after so many minutes of inactivity. Most sites use a session variable to do this. Not sure if this site does or not.