Logan! Small in size big on Heart

This little guy is starting to really grow on me! He's tiny but mighty! did you see him taking out guys twice his size by layin low and having them trip over him? did you see him raising his arms to get the croud going on big plays? See him on the sidelines motivating teammates? His total attitude and effort is something Joe Smith could learn from or any other player for that matter! just goes to show ya size don't matter in the CFL!

I really noticed that....his enthusiasm is infectious and I think we really need his positive attitude on this team.

I was always very pro Joe but, from what I'm seeing lately, he could take a page out of Logan's book on how to contribute 110%.

So now does Joe Smith get released?

When I come down to the Lower Mainland for the August 22nd, I offered Wally to drive Joe to the Airport....after we stopped at Encore Recycling to drop off the pop cans. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If Joe don’t step up I think pop cans will be his main source of income!

Logan reminds me alot of Corey Holmes actually