Logan released

Lions let Logan go. Any thoughts on bringing him in? My opinion is if the price is right then yes. Good return man and running in tandem with Allen he would give a different look. Now the key is the price, would have to get him on the cheap.

Not sure on this one, I am still hopping Sheets returns mid season, I can dream can't I!!

A 34 y/o RB…not so sure. I guess if he is sitting approaching camp and you can ink him for a good price…why not. That said, Sheets is apparently getting released from Oakland.

[url=http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2015/03/06/kory-sheets-update-3/]http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2015/03/06/ ... -update-3/[/url]

Wow so any reports on his health? If he has fully recovered then man go after him hard and forget about anyone else. Would love to get a healthy Sheets back and pound the ground again.

well, from what i have heard he is doing well. Then again, unless things are going sideways, what else are you going to hear? IMO he has been through this so knows exactly what he will be up against, and has a baseline to draw from. That is a huge advantage. This type of injury generally sees the recovery bring MORE strength that before the tear (unlike most tears), but loss of agility is a concern. Clearly whatever rehab he did last time seemed to minimize that, so yeah, definitely worth looking at IMO.

I think he will do his best to wait out NFL offers, so we shall see. I also am not sure if he would be ready for camp, but I would still take a look…can always 6 game him, bring him into practice after 4 games, see where he is at, and make a decision from there, not touching cap. I think BC will be bidding on him, and he knows Cortez, so who knows. His injury might lead to a discount, but I find it likely that they might need to cast off another salary to obtain him. I am sure there is some money set aside for an OLman should one not make the NFL, so they could probably use that, but then if one of those frees up…now you need to make some tough decisions. Definitely something to watch though.

Hhhhhmmmm,, very interesting regarding Kory Sheets....

If K.S becomes available to us,, I think we gotta take that jump.

What would you do ? ...

8) If we had cap $$$ problems and he wanted to come back,, who do we drop ? ... a receiver I would think....

.... but who ?

Killer RB may not be as much of an issue in JC’s aerial attack scheme (although you wouldn’t turn it down if you had the opportunity), just a credible threat, which Messam and Allen provide

Might be getting close to his expiry date

LOl we will have to wait and see on the JC thing as for Allen or Messam being credible umm if Sheets is healthy neither would hold a candle to him.

I tend to agree, though there would have been discussion around that. I tend to think this will be a pass heavy team though, so sink or swim...not likely to see a pile of 2nd and 4 or less.


Sorry, 225k is a lot. If he starts out with a massive opening over the first few games then that opinion might change, but that is a heft salary in the CFL, don't care where your passport is from. You know CC is not going to drop anything off of the D unless someone is tanking hard. There is nobody to drop on the OL. That leaves Getz, Watson, Bagg really.

I agree. Don’t get me wrong I like Getz and he has had some big games for us but the big question is can he stay healthy. If he is getting to the point that he cant play every game then that money could be spent elsewhere. As for Heenan or Jones being available that is something that only time will tell and not for quite some time at that. Like I say if Sheets is healthy and is interested in coming back I think you would have to take a serious shot at him. Perhaps the Lions would be interested too now that they cut Logan. As for what kind of offense we have even if its more pass heavy to have Sheets as a serious run threat just opens up the passing game even more. Look at 2013 especially at the start with Sheets producing big gains that just opened up the defense for the pass. After he got hurt and we leaned more towards the pass defenses were crowding the line and pinning their ears back. With a healthy Sheets they could get burned if he gets a bit of day light. Allen is an all right RB and who knows he may have a break out year but again if healthy we know what Sheets can do and so does every other team.

If Sheets wanted to come back, I'm all for it, as for cap, let Allen go and few other less note worthy players to open that cap! Getz IMO still has value here, as does Bagg, there are other ways to open up that cap, just saying!!

I agree Getz does have value but 225K value? No. Perhaps a restructured cotract?

As for cutting Allen I don't know if we want to do that and certainly not before seeing Sheets in action. Messam I would think would be on the hit list before Allen simply because of age.

It rather depends on what Allen is making, and we can only guess. I would assume 70 or so, tops 80. Sheets would probably come in seeking 150, and I can't see how he would get over 120. With minimal competition, 90, but teams would bid the Riders up for sure.

The club rather messed up backloading Getz's contract IMO. It was too much "here and now" and missing out on the long-term...that happens. I'll put it this way...if it were Wally, he would be gone. That is nothing personal against Getz, and I think he could be a 1000 yard receiver still, that is simply the unfortunate side of the business.

As far as the notion of letting a few other players go to free up the money...sorry, that is simply not realistic. Lesser players are making lower end money anyways, 70 and under, and you still need to replace them, no way around that...you need your roster filled. So, you are going to be replacing 70K players with what...60-65K players, essentially you are going to be using rookies, because they are the only ones that really make less. if you need to free up say 30k, that is going to be 4-6 players let go. So what suffers? DL rotation? OL Rotation? ST? All?

We do not know the exact situation with players under contract, unfortunately. Heck...this is all speculation and they might have room. I would say, from BT stating there were FAs he never signed that he wanted to, that this is an indication that there was money left on the table at OL, and perhaps LB. So yeah, there is money to ink a guy like Sheets. However, if a good guy becomes available via NFL waivers...not so much, and then you need to make tough decisions.

It is perpetually seen in this league that National depth generally determines a lot of a team's fate. It is also perpetually seen that teams in any football league generally win or lose the game on the line. A player like Sheets makes the OL look a LOT better, so that is very appealing. Also appealing is ensuring there is top end National OLmen. A long-term decision may essentially come down to choosing between the 2, but if they want them both, well, someone big has to go. 2 years ago DD was making under 300k, now he makes 505k. Most of the Secondary has gotten solid raises. You have to assume Chick got raises. The Riders might actually have the most expensive receivers overall in CFL history.

Yeah I agree. As much as we want Sheets you can't dump 5 or 6 guys to do it. An injury and then we have no backups to other positions. You could have Warren Moon in his prime but with out a decent line up around him and you would still lose. I want Sheets back if he is healthy but not at all costs as it would not be wise for the team as a whole. I don't want to lose Getz but that contract is the elephant sitting in the living room.
Not sure if he is willing or the team is to renegotiate it for perhaps a 2 year term at a much lower rate like 150k or something a season over that time. Yes less money a season but 75k more for that term so not a bad deal for Getz either. I don't think anyone would go any higher then 130k if he was either a FA or cut so he may want to think about that also.

Well, it is a bad deal for him. He knows he isn't getting released...someone will pay him that money, and he deserves what he deferred to the back-end of his contract, because it means he took lower pay in the first years of it to help the team out. If he chooses to renegotiate, well, that is his call, but I can't blame him for not. As for dropping down but extending, if stays healthy this season he will have no issues inking for 150+ next season anyways. If he struggles through injuries this season he may just hang them up...or take a cut and be more of a role player for a couple of seasons in hopes of making it in to play at the new stadium. This is what, his 9th season? He is 32 now, not every guy makes it to play to 35 and beyond, no matter how good they are. One of the 2nd-3rd year guys (Pierzchalski / Anthony) will be getting looked at pretty close for the future this year. If he had been healthy last season, his contract would likely be getting shrugged off by most.

Personally I would sooner have sheets back than keeping Allen, period, messum may be getting older, but he's a power back, and I was never impressed with Allen's play JMO!!

Messam' a freight train runnimg , much better blocker, and more versatile than Allen.

Lets not forget though that Allen was a rookie last year and lets face it with the turn style of running backs and with Durant being Hurt plus Best and Labatte at times it wasn’t exactly a great environment to really see what he can or can’t do. I’m not saying he is as good as Sheets but he didn’t really have a good situation to succeed in either.