Logan Kilgore

If Harris was as good last year as you pretend he was, how is it possible that he didn't start in the playoffs instead of a fossilized INT machine like Hank Burris?

FYI, the RedBags have committed $400,000+ to Harris for 2017. Exactly the same kind of back end loaded contract that Winnipeg foolishly gave to their unproven QB.

Because he didn't play for Ottawa, super-scout? :roll:

They must look at his 9-1 TD/INT ratio and think "what the hell were we thinking?? We should have checked with Area-51 first".

The GM of the Argos has more important decisions to make. Like, the 3 pizzas or the whole chicken with a pound of onion rings for brunch?

LOL at Johnny :lol: Good one :thup: :smiley:

Yup I can hear Jimbo Barker now....Quarterbacks ? we don't need no stinkin' quarterbacks in Toronto , what we really need is PIZZA !!! :lol:

And Barker cannot forget about dessert. The man needs his sweets!

The Argos are a dumb organization they had a chance to sign Trevor Harris and they let him walk while deciding on Kilgore and a 45 year old QB that is ready to be put out to pasture. Area 51 knows football so he says :lol: :lol:

Meanwhile the scrub Qb according to Area-51 in Winnipeg is doing just fine. Hmmmm wouldn’t he be an improvement for TO right now?