Logan Kilgore

I'm pretty confident in my assessments of payers, and once again my take on Kilgore has proven to be correct.

As an Argo Fan, I wish I'd been wrong but this guy is horrifically bad.

Terrible touch on deep passes and he locks in so hard on short passes, it's just telegraphing where the ball is going.

With Kilgore at QB it's a classic example of bringing a knife to a gun fight. No chance whatsoever.


Good thing Ricky Ray is coming back. Although it would have been nice for BC's secondary to register a few picks against Kilgore to pad their stats.

Kilgore now leads the league with 10 interceptions. Plus, he has the worst rating of all the QB's in the league. Hopefully for him, he gets another chance at some point and looks much better than he has in the last few games.

So just out of curiosity A-51, being that you are an expert in all on the game of football I have to ask you this question and the question is........in your expert opinion who do you think is the better quarterback ? Logan Kilgore or Trevor Harris ? :lol:

Here's another question for you , say you were the GM of a CFL team , like perhaps the Argos as an example :wink: and you had your choice of back-up QB's between oh I don't know let's say a Trevor Harris or a Logan Kilgore ? In your expert opinion which one of the two would you keep ? :lol:

I asked my dog Harris (A) or Kilgore (B) by putting two tennis balls down (A & B) and he picked "B", but in fairness he isn't a CFL fan.

Just to clarify ... as it isn't obvious to me ... was your post a joke or some sort of a cheap shot at A-51 whose post to start this thread was not particularly unreasonable.

A joke ??? a cheap shot ??? Nawww !!! Absolutely Not !!! I just want our resident "Expert" whose opinion and knowledge of football is way,way,way superior to anybody's else in these forums to educate and enlighten us once more and answer these simple 2 questions. I'm in awe of A-51 and his vast all knowing Zen like knowledge of all things football and his opinion means a lot to me. :cowboy: :wink:

Bobo's question is actually quite valid. If I recall correctly, Area-51 said something once to the effect that Harris is overrated.

Area-51 last month:

Harris got off to a hot start last year as well - - remember the talk of him being the leading candidate for MOP? By the end of the season he was pretty much unplayable.

By the end of this season Burris will be back in as the starter as Harris will be benched for ineffectiveness.

I'm always happy to educate and enlighten, Bob.

Obviously Harris is superior to Kilgore in terms of QB skills - - which isn't saying much given how utterly useless Kilgore has been despite managing to beat the RedBags.

For casual fans such as yourself, that's where the analysis ends.

You fail to take into account the financial aspect of things. There's absolutely ZERO possible way I'd pay Trevor Harris the kind of coin to be a clipboard holder that the RedBags are. Winnipeg made the same mistake with Drew Willy.

Paying a back up who's never won a playoff game - - let alone never won a championship - - $400k or more is the kind of desperation move you'd expect from a clueless GM with no idea of how to build a championship team.

Harris is neither a clipboard holder nor is he making $400,000 this season (about half that) and would still be starter had he not been injured a few games ago.
Burris however is making $400,000 this season although the deal is laden with incentives and essentially impossible for him to reach anywhere close to that number so the RB's currently have a 2 for 1 deal with two first string QB's.

not a bad situation to be in for Campbell and crew I'd say.

He's closer to being a clipboard holder than he is to being a championship QB.

Harris just doesn't have the mental make up to lead a team when it counts - - ie crucial games in October and November.

By the end of last season Harris was so brutal that he was virtually unplayable.

So I guess you don't think much of Austin then as a GM considering he signed a former back-up in Collaros who up to his time in Toronto had never won a play-off game in his career ? So in your estimation Austin was clueless and desperate and has no idea how to build a championship team ? So your saying that a good GM would've kept a 39 yr old Burris as their qb and never would've signed a Collaros ? I'm also guessing that you think the same of DesJardin being clueless and desperate for signing a Trevor Harris to eventually replace an ageing starting qb and that he also has no idea how to build a championship team ? Hmmmm correct me if I'm wrong but which two teams met last year in the EF ? I'll give you a clue, one of them wasn't the Argonauts who may I remind you were defeated by a 4th stringer named Masoli who WON his first playoff game in his first playoff start in his career . So I guess that makes Masoli better than Harris based strictly on playoff wins in your books ? Gimme a break seriously , just admit it, your GM screwed up big time not once but twice by not keeping at least one of either Collaros or Harris and letting them both go foolishly in FA and are now stuck with an ageing injury prone noodle armed Ray and 3 absolutely pathetic useless scrubs as backups , so tell me and everyone else in here again how Jim Barker is the best in the business at being a GM ? I hope you have fun missing the playoffs this year A-51 because it's going to happen not that it would matter in a city like Toronto where nobody would notice the team regardless of what they do.

As for Harris never winning a play-off game he was never given the chance or opportunity to win one considering in last years ESF he never saw the field after Wonder boy Ray couldn't get the job done and your brilliant HC bypassed him in favour of a 3rd string career back-up in McPherson. We'll never know now but the Argos might have just won that game if Harris was given the chance to win it but like I said he was never given the opportunity to see if he could have pulled it off.

What a joke.

Again, what a joke.

Harris threw for less than 100 passes combined in his first 3 season and came out and was among the league leaders last year.

Now to think that a player isnt going to go through rough patches, especially with Ricky Ray on the bench behind you, isnt going to happen, is something that a casual fan like yourself would miss in their observation and conclusion.

Why does it matter if a backup has won a playoff game. They are the backup. Let me state that again, they are the backup. They shouldn't be playing in a playoff game. Is there anyone on this board that would take Masoli over Harris? Because that fits your criteria.

You can't throw $400,000+ at a back up QB who's never won a single playoff game in his life.

When Hamilton signed Collaros he was getting in the range of $275k per season for BOTH 2014 and 2015. It was t until he proved that he could win in the playoffs that he got paid top dollar.

The RedBags signed Harris to essentially the same kind of asinine contract that Winnipeg gave Drew Willy - - who got $250k for 2015 and then $400k for 2016 and 2017. Think the Bombers regret that moment of drunken stupidity?

Austin signed Collaros to a two year deal for approximately $275k per. MUCH more sensible that committing to the deal Harris got.

Not sure if you watch many CFL games, but I can tell you that Collaros was far superior to Harris when the two of them were in Toronto.

Harris was allegedly the #2, but Collaros straight up outclassed him and was the starter when Ray got hurt.

Harris never even had the opportunity to play in a playoff game and was in his first year as a full time starter last season yet was among the league leaders in most passing categories despite missing a few games.
...and this year he was by far the best QB in the league while leading the RB's to first place til the injury.

and to reiterate, Harris is NOT making $400,000 this season as a backup (or starter for that matter)
I'll say it once more slowly and in bold for you to comprehend...

H A R R I S...I S...N O T...M A K I N G...$4 0 0, 0 0 0...T H I S...S E A S O N...A S...A...B A C K U P.

Were you not following the CFL in 2013?

The reason Harris never got any game reps is because he couldn't beat out Zach Collaros.

Wasn't close to being as good as Collaros then - - isnt close to being as good as Collaros now.

Incidentally, when Collaros stepped in as the starter "with Ricky Ray on the bench behind him" for eight games he didn't get stage fright and soil himself like Harris did last year.