Logan Is Useful

Logan played an incredible game today, piling up the rushing yards, playing with heart and intensity and even pulling off some key blocks to ensure his teammate's safety. He was instrumental in the win today and I'm liking his play more and more each game. I think he's a definite asset and will be a big factor against Calgary.

Joe who? :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin: :o 8) :lol:

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G.I. Joe played a damn good half season in Winnipeg.

EDIT: Ro, not anymore CFL league related now. Thanks for coming out.

We're discussing today's game, which is CFL stuff.

did you not whine about the Bishop thread?

Congratulations on the win. Logan played well today, kind of like we are used to seeing out of Cates. The better team definitely won today. Good luck next week.

Ya logan played a heck of a game he sure has quick feet and is really shifty he will definetly be a factor in Cgy if the field is in good condition not sure how good he will be on a icy field like they had in Winterpeg . I look at Tristan and he hardly did anything because he couldn't run that shifty style.

Deb can you stop trying to make it seem like the mods are biased? We get it they let the riders fans do stuff but when you do things in retaliation it just looks childish. Enjoy the win put on the orange sun glasses and bathe in the glory. We can be the bigger fans here and let the mods deal with it. Or if you really want to do a tounge in cheek post do something different then just doing a Lions take on a Rider post.

At what, 5' 7" / 180 some odd pounds, he's a little powerhouse.

Logan had a great game yesterday, he is a lot of fun to watch. I love the heart he shows from such a small guy. He and Dressler were great rookies to watch this year. I really like when he makes great plays he acts like he's done it a million times and he knows he will do it again, unlike a lot of other players in the league. I think he's great for the CFL :thup:

Well Deb he could carry the equipment bag for one. Get lunch for Wally. Wash Wally's car etc. LOL