logan heading to the nfl

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That should free up some Cap room to make an offer to Casey Printers

One cannot rule out the possibility that the Lions will join the Eskimos and the Argonauts in making a pitch to sign free agent Jesse Lumsden if he does not re-sign with the Ticats. According to this positional list of potential CFL free agents on tsn.ca, Jesse Lumsden will be the only running back available on Feb 16/09:

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Yes, he has had health issues during his CFL career but the fact that he is only 26 years old, highly talented and Canadian should still garner considerable interest from one or more CFL teams.

i think that the cats should drop printers and add part of that money to Jessie's pay because of what he is and what he brings to the game when he is healthy. i think since the cats are becoming a more balanced team Jessie should be able to stay healthy

For Jesse's sake I hope so but I think that he and Neil will be in for a rude awkening.

Don't think that Jesse's shoulder woes aren't being considered as chronic which is not a good thing for a RB who earns his yards by crashing into and through people, and will not protect himself....Charles Roberts he ain't.

I don't think that he will command a top FA type of deal....he is certainly a risk for whoever signs him, and I feel the cats will be better off without the melodramatics that have been surrounding him and his injuries.

So let me get this right...you want to give Jesse a raise for missing 1 game in two over the last 4 years? If the Cats really thought that Jesse could do the Job...why they spend$$$$$ on KK? There is no way they will carry both...theres only one ball!

As Ive said a million times...Jesse is a product of the Cats fans deep desire to be GOOD again. In actual fact, when you take away the 5 1000 yd games in his CAREER you will see that his stats are quite ordinary......3 big games but 15 games under 40 yds. As a receiver he is good on the swing passe and screens but his hands are suspect and he can't block.

A little blunt, als4ever, but you're not far wrong I believe.

I think he's a talented player, but he's also an often-injured player (for whatever sets of reasons), and a player who has the misfortune of looking for big money in an economic slump, and with only a couple of teams being good candidates to bid for him.

I agree he may well be in for a rude awakening.

As for paying him megabucks "for what he is".... well, last time I checked he's a person and a football player. I'm not sure what else is meant by that. He isn't a HOF legend just yet, or the second coming of Garney Henley or Ben Zambiasi, and he doesn't walk on water.

With regard to what he can do "when he is healthy".... well, that seems to me to be the nub of the problem.

Still, he's a good football player and I hope he stays in Hamilton. I would not break the bank to ensure that he does though.

Wally will probably be looking for an experienced running back to compete with Ian Smart for the starting backfield vacancy. Might I suggest Kenton Keith as a possible trade match.Perhaps a Printers-Keith package to the Lions could result in a blockbuster trade. :thup:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

well said Mr Lynch

BC seems to finds its own replacements and not trade for other teams' 'maybe's and projects'. Of course they'll miss a quality player like Logan, but they always seem to come up with adequate replacements through their own U.S. scouting network. I'm sure they would have zero interest in Kenton Keith at this stage of his career. With Lumsden's injury problems, I can't see them having much interest in him either except on the cheap or an incentive driven contract.

An Argo-Cat fan

Roy Shivers , the personnel guy with the Lions, may have been responsible for bringing Keith to the Sask Riders. There may be some karma there. Ya never know! :slight_smile:
Pat Lynch (the old Vishnu fan in section 7)

A pretty astute observation.....If you look at most of the Cats better prospects like Prechae and Porter, these guys are usually homegrown prospects. The talent pool available to GMs in the CFL is huge, US colleges, NFL cuts, Canadian schools, CFL cuts...there really isnt a need to take too many chances on players who have been released or who have "issues". BC and Montreal usually find their own talent. Thats why they have been the best teams over the past decade. They draft wisely (witness last years draft), scout well, and keep their nucleus intact with methodical changes made ever year.

Durrant and McQuinnie will be players in the competition for receiving jobs ...along with Bauman, Cohen, Davis, Mitchell and of course, Prechae. One thing is for sure...you could add Terell Owens, Randy Moss, Jamel Richardson, Ben Cahoon and Geroy Simon to this list and it won't help unless the Oline can give Porter/Printers/Williams/fill in the blank time to throw without getting hammered.

I don't get why some folks on this forum seem so eager to get rid of Keith. Especially considering Lumsden will be a free agent Feb. 16 and Caulley is coming off knee surgery. I think Caulley could be our starting RB, but only if he's recovered 100%. Considering the uncertainty around Lumsden and Caulley, it would be insane not to bring Keith to camp.

Quick refresher on Keith's yearly stats:
2002: (NA: Roughriders' practice roster)
2003: Rushing: 102 for 709 yards (7.0 yard avg); Receiving: 20 for 142 yards (7.1 yard avg)
2004: Rushing: 190 for 1154 yards (6.1 yard avg); Receiving: 29 for 295 yards (10.2 yard avg)
2005: Rushing: 151 for 911 yards (6.0 yard avg); Receiving: 25 for 228 yards (9.1 yard avg)
2006: Rushing: 167 for 1037 yards (6.2 yard avg); Receiving: 52 for 513 yards (9.9 yard avg)
2007 (NFL): Rushing 121 for 533 yards (4.4 yard avg); Receiving: 13 for 77 yards (5.9 yard avg)
2008: Rushing: 29 for 102 yards (3.5 yard avg); Receiving: 9 for 74 (8.2 yard avg)

There were lots of mitigating factors re: his 2008 totals that I won't rehash in this post.

So if I understand this, as of Feb 16 all these players being discussed will not be tradeable anymore as as of Feb 16 they will be Free agents and can sign with anyone?

So if you want something for your player, you pretty well have to trade him by Feb 15?