Logan having success with Steelers

Well, I know it's only the pre-season over there right now, but it looks like Logan is going to stick with the Steelers. On the one hand, I'm happy for him, but on the other hand, it definitely sucks for the CFL. He was fun to watch.

(It also sucks for the Lions.)


There's more SL's coming around the bend that the NFL says "too small" but then realizes, well, maybe. So many football players in the US, so many, the key of course is to entice them to come to the Great White North for a stint, that's a different kettle of fish though.

Logan just had an 80 yard punt return for a TD tonight.

NFL.com Preseason Week 4: 'Can't-Miss Play'

Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow... :o

Logan could give Chicago's returner (his name escapes me at the moment) I run for his money this season.

His name is Devin Hester and he sure as heck can if he keeps this up.

Thats a good point Earl; and not necessarily a good thing for the CFL. the CFL benefited greatly with the NFL's old tired attitudes towards what it takes to be a player in the NFL. Their obsession for size (think Doug Flutie) and downright racist attitudes towards non-white quarterbacks (far too long a list to name) helped the CFL transcend the large discrepancy in salaries between the 2 leagues and exposed us to some tremendous talent north of the 49th.

That's his name!!! That's not even close to what I was thinking. I was thinking along the lines of Taylor something or other. :lol: I gotta get re-acquainted with the NFL. Thanks, EastVanMark.

He switched his jersey number from 41 to 11.

Oct 11: @ Detroit
Nov 9: @ Denver (Monday Night Football)

Season opener is on. Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh. Live on TSN.

Logan's 1st return was 40 yrds. The guy is super fast and exciting. I hope he has a great year.

I'll be watching the Steelers and Dolphins (Wake) highlights all year but my team is still the Seahawks.

It's just a shame he has an idiot like Rothls... wasting his returns. If the guy had just thrown the ball away instead of scrambling for 20 seconds, the Steelers would've been able to kick an easy FG.

Oh well. I also hope he has a good season. I'm also tempted to start cheering for the Steelers just because of him. :smiley:

The CFL lost a great one...

Oct 4: vs. San Diego (Sunday Night Football)

...lined up in the slot of a 4 receiver set on the opening drive and was wide open.

I'm not worried, have you seen how well Mallett is doing???

Logan is a gunner! A special teams tackle on Darren Sproles.

That was a nice tackle. :smiley:

loving the NFL game thread. n e ways, he just got stripped and caused them to give up a touchdown. logan needs to learn in the NFL not everyhting is returnable

can we please keep the No Fun League out of the CFL forum?

find an NFL forum if you wanna have a NFL game thread... :roll:

well, logan was a cfl player, so if we can talk about flutie, or warren moon, i think logan is fair game.