Logan a Lion, Again?

Per TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=433745

The B.C. Lions may get some present help from a past member of the Lions.

According to multiple reports, running back Stefan Logan has agreed to return to his former CFL club on the practice roster.

Logan, who was outstanding for the Lions in 2008 before leaving for the NFL, is expected to arrive in Vancouver on Sunday and possibly join the team for practice next week.

The 32-year-old Logan, who has not played since last season when he was a kick returner with the Detroit Lions, did not attend an NFL training camp this summer.

This is the only reference to this I have seen... has anyone seen anything else?

I now see that Beamish has an article as well: http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Stefan+Logan+name+Lions+wish+list/9013528/story.html

I was sorry to see Logan leave the Lions den, I'll be delighted should he decide to come back. He'll need to work his tail off to get up to speed in time for the playoffs. I remember some of this guy's electrifying punt returns. He will be an asset I'm sure.

He's 32 years old and has done basicly nothing for a year... I say that he will have about as much effect as Mervin Fernandez,Kenton Keith and Martell Mallet did on their return.

We won't know until he suits up and is on the field will we Bungle. Like I said, he will need to work his tail off to get up to speed. His age may work against him and he may have had his day in the sun but it's worth a try. I'm not ready to write the guy off and obviously Wally isn't at this time.

I understand that he is 32, but let's keep in mind that he has been gone for 5 years, and in that time he was a return specialist... it's not like he carried the ball 30 times a game. I think he has some tread left on those tires of his.

For some reason I was like...Ian Logan...lol

I though Brown and Iannuzzi were a pretty good combo on KR...though there is some room for on PRs.

I can't see that he will be replacing Harris rushing...but a good depth guy I guess.

Yes, Brown has stepped up his game considerably. He was being constantly stuffed early in the season and whatever adjustments have been made are showing in his much improved yardage gained on punt returns and KRs. Iannuzzi is a bit of a pleasant surprise on punt and kick off returns. He delighted Lions fans in the cliff hanger against SSK a few weeks ago. However, Iannuzzi is a wide receiver with very good hands and has made some near impossible catches. I also notice the coaches are utilizing Brown on hand offs, especially when Harris cannot seem to get on track. If Brown or Harris go down then Logan may be just the guy to fill in. We'll see what happens.

Going by the CFL haters around here Logan should be given the key to the city right about....now because of his former NFL status.

But, seeing as the NFL is not a better league, just a different league that needs different types of players, Logan isn't necessarily taking right over and we still have Harris, our Canadian, as our RB. I think that says a lot about the strength of CIS players and the Canadian players in the CFL.

Logan was one hell of a player that I remember and he did make a big splash down there. I find that CFL stars often tear it up more in the NFL than former NFL stars do in Canada. I mean Ricky Williams should've won the scoring title but he lost to former BC Lion former NFL Europe running back Joe Smith in the Yardage title for the year, which says a lot too.

This is one of the problems with the media. Rod Black in particular seems to think that NFL experience equates to CFL hall-of-fame status.

Or the fact that a certain guy's father was a big star in the NFL is more noteworthy than the spectacular plays he's making on his own.

he can't get across the border. he can't get a passport

Well even if he does get a passport to cross the border certainly would be for depth. He is not going to replace Harris for sure and Brown got his return job back and is as good there is in the CFL and is also still a solid #2 RB behind Harris. Always plays well when he is in.

That's very true!dont know how many times you have to here about Chris carter and his son when rod black broadcast the ALS games! Rod black is an idiot who should have been fired a long time ago!

Logan has finally arrived in Vancouver. He spent a few season in the NFL as mainly return specialist so he probably still has some gas in the tank but the last time he was in any training camp was 2012 and has not played anywhere since. He could get in shape to be a returner but I am not sure Brown needs to be replaced.
Harris and Brown are currently the RB duo with the kid from Cal who has been on the PR all season so he will add depth for the future depending on what happens with Brown

Rod Black spends all week making cue cards with interesting tidbits, then forgets to flip to card 2 at any point during the game. at the end he looks down seeing what hes done..."DAMMIT!!!!!!! I never do this during figure skating!"

Should be interesting to see what the plan is going forward...

Mr.Bungle wrote:
“He’s 32 years old and has done basicly nothing for a year… I say that he will have about as much effect as Mervin Fernandez,Kenton Keith and Martell Mallet did on their return.”

I guess Logan’s performance this past weekend should silence a few nay sayers…starting with Bungle! For a 32 year old who’s done basically nothing for a year I think he played extremely well. :lol:

He was very impressive in the game!