Log in problems

Recently, I have had trouble logging in using ticat.ca. I have sent a message to the mods asking for confirmation of my password twice - no reply. I tried to set up a new account - no success. I just logged in using cfl.ca and had no problem. Any suggestions?

There ARE odd things happening. I've mentioned problems with the header. It was suggested that I change browsers but it's worked with the old Firefox for over a year. Maybe there are some tech. changes we haven't been told about.

Try ticats.ca - or try tigercats.com as well

Oskee wee wee

I had problems after installing the new IE7.0. The problems ended when I adjusted my cookie filter to allow first-party cookies. If you block first-party cookies completely, the site won't recognize you when you try to log on.

BINGO!! Thanks Ha1912GCG