Lofty expectations

haha. Rempel has pretty high expectations for the boatmen. This sounds exactly like something he would say. Good job Remps

I would expect all 8 Head Coaches (as well as assistants) in the CFL to say that. Even in Hamilton!

As a Season ticket holder would you like some one from your organization to say?

"Um well, we'll try to win half of our games."

Even while wearing those paper bags during the Murray Pezzim / Joe Kapp (as GM) days they always promised us the best!

i agree, i prefer the bombers organization projecting good things about next season over "hoping to win 1 or 2 more games next year and hop to have a good playoff run" what sounds better a team shooting to go all the way or a team that is happy with being mediocore at best?

I guess I should have said I know Rempel, went to school with him, I guess its just funny to me.

Agreed. I remember reading an article about Phil Jackson saying the Lakers aren't a 50-win team this year, and I just about lost it. You just don't say that type of crap.

Phil Jackson tells it like it is though.