Lockout Looming?

There was a very interesting read in the Toronto Sun today outlining the problems the League and the Players' Association are having getting a new CBA. According to the article, the players are asking for a small increase in minimum salary and a few extra grand per player for Grey Cup appearances. Sounds reasonable. At least negotiable.
But what is really upsetting is the news that the League still has a reduced number of Canadians on the negotiating table.
Please, please, please tell me that the League is not so dumb, so short-sighted that it still wants to cut the very essence of the league out just to hire a few cheaper Americans. Finding enough skilled Canadians can still be challenging (although the quality and depth seem to be improving) but that what good management is for.

Leave the ratio alone!

Thank you.

Do you have a link to the article? Sounds like an interesting read.

regardless of the validity of this, its a sad fact that tho our football is the best game there is, the CFL bog and front office staff are a bunch of clowns and the CFL is the worst run pro league in the world.

Even as an American I see parallels here to the way some decisions are made in the US and am saddened by such decision-making in which a small few of powerful and often corrupt men, with often those in political circles allegedly "democratically" elected along with often many of their controllers who stay behind the scenes, make decisions to the detriment of the country for the sake of only enlarging their cliquish short-term profits and positions of power.

It sounds as if this sort of corrupt decision-making in terms of much larger issues in so-called "national policy" has filtered even down to how such decisions will be made for sake of the CFL? :roll: And geez this sort of decision goes well beyond the so-called "popular" new overtime rules too as one recent example that I never heard ANY fan reference here or anywhere. Crapitalism baby! :thdn:

A delayed season, maybe. No one is stupid enough to lose a whole season again after the NHL lockout.

Well you would think the NHL would have learned by that time from baseball from back in 1981 and in 1994 right, with the NFL seemingly recovering from its two strikes in the 1980s but now on the brink of another one? But no ...

It's telling that strikes seem to happen far more in times of national economic impairment, including high real unemployment, when neither side seems to want to give in very much their share in light of the macroeconomic conditions.

After 1987 for the NFL, the exception in that regard sort of was in 2004 with the NHL but even then things overall were not that great with the exception of the Northeast US and certain other pockets.

Let's not underestimate the recurring failings of human pride, greed, vengeance, jealousy, lust, et cetera over logic or other worthy and timeless rationales.

Consider for example the recent real estate and financial bubble and before that the .com bubble and before that all the Y2K fuss? Were many with the power to do so, with or without money, making the logical decisions back then? :roll:

I would not be surprised if one side acted stupidly on this matter to force the worse solution for all out of spite or other bad motive, as in a lockout, but of course like all of us I would hope otherwise that reason will prevail.

Playing a Canadian football game with only Americans on the field makes no sense. While eliminating some the 7 Canadians who play on offence and defence might improve the overall skill level, the league won't last very long do this. If Canadians cannot play the game it will have no reason to exist.

Canadian Football: a sport Canadians used to play? We will see a drop in football being played in high school and especially Canadian colleges as young players will have little to aspire to if the CFL is American only. Perhaps Canadians might be good enough to play on special teams coverage...for the time being? :roll:

The CFL could possibly go down to 6 Canadian starters, but that would be about as low as they could go and maintain the integrity of the game. But reducing Canadian content in the CFL is a regressive step which will backfire on the league.

If the league thinks it can save money by reducing the Canadian salaries (which are higher than comparable American players salaries due to their scarcity), then pay the Americans $30,000 and the Canadians $40,000 maximum salaries if necessary if that's all the league can afford. They will still find plenty of good players to stock the league at those salaries. That would be preferable to reducing the number of Canadian starters.

Excellent Xvys. As a new fan I have not yet figured out all the complicated non-import/import and roster rules, but here are some initial thoughts to getting the game more and not less Canadian so to speak. More of the actual work I think is place off the field to make it more popular to the youth up there instead of all the government money thrown with little reservation to more hockey instead as I have been reading in some of the posts.

I have agreed with someone else that for the good of all leagues they ought potentially increase the number of Canadians required overall on any given play.

Also kickers ought not count at all for sake of import or non-import players on the field nor should they count towards the overall roster limit, yet ought to count towards non-import roster requirement if Canadian.

Also quarterbacks and kickers, to allow for better equalisation of those core talents across teams, ought collectively have their own separate salary caps as well.

QBs would still be a maximum of 3 per roster.

Leave the rules on defense the way they are now too with 7 Canadians required.

Then otherwise on on offense and kicks make it at least 7 Canadians of the other 11 players on the field so that having a Canadian quarterback or kicker does not deprive more Canadian players from being on the field.

Also to account for the possibility of a Canadian kicker and offer more incentive to recruit such players, on the receiving side of all kicks ought be at least 8 Canadians required no matter what.

In this way teams always have at least 7 Canadians on the field for all formations, and possibly 8 for offense and when kicking, and at least 8 on the receiving side of special teams.

At the core a team would need positionally at least a minimum of 7 offencive players, 8 defencive players, and then you have to figure how many more they need as situational backups, for special teams, and in case of injury to replace any of those non-quarterback non-kicker players too.

Most teams for practical consideration would have to carry in my estimation carry at least 22 Canadians in such regard, not counting kickers or quarterbacks, wouldn't they?

And again the roster requirement for non-imports would remain the same with quarterbacks exempted just like now anyway. However again the kickers would not count toward the roster limit for total number of players at all too.

You are absolutely correct that if the game does not stay primarily Canadian through enforcement of the rules, it will die because there is little interest now in the US and to gain enough interest would still take a tireless amount of time as well.

For the game to expand beyond Canada some day, it has to thrive in Canada first.

Media pervasiveness through which more of us get more access to what we want to really want to watch will help no doubt too in the growth of any game to the detriment of games with decreasing popularity like baseball and basketball.

The growth track right now in North America is in professional hockey with regional variations, NFL football, NCAA football with regional variations, global soccer though with regional variations, and the CFL with regional variations.

Let me know where I missed anything, but the intent here is to put more Canadians on CFL rosters and more often on the field at any given time and equalise the potential quarterback and kicking talent across the league by enforcing a separate salary cap for them collectively.

Also the intent would be to have the above with all ROOKIE players signing at least 2-year contracts with a 1-year option to afford more player development and a better chance for teams to draw for longer once they have signed solid talent instead of this current NFL training camp and practise squad revolving door business that hurts both leagues.

They asked cohon a question about a possible lockout on the draft and all he said was we are working with the players to come to the best agreement possible. i dunno what that means but he seemed to avoid the question which IMO, is not a good sign.

sorry but if the CFL strikes, it will die.

DONT KILL THE LEAGUE OWNERS over something as stupid as taking away an extra canadian or not allowing the players who are YOUR MEAL TICKETS a few extra bucks.

when i think about it, id pay an extra 5 bucks for a ticket if it meant that money went towards players salaries.

5 bucks isnt alot of money but x it by 250,000 and it becomes alot more money. just saying maybe the avg team 9 10 games a year draws about 250000 fans. avg of about 25 k a game there.

If its delayed even, it will hurt. my question tho is... TSN... they must have a say in this.. wonder what their stance is. do they support the players or do they support the owners. would suck if the cfl went on strike and left tsn without friday night ratings football for a while.


USE YOUR BRAINS owners, dont screw the fans cuz thats what it all comes down too. screwing the fans.

The players have not talked about striking, not once, we are talking about the owners locking them out and changing the balance of power in the player association. Most of the players that do the 100 appearances a year are the ones that live here year round. The teams use them to promote and do all their marketing and now wants to kill their opportunities to play.

Cohon has brought in the biggest union busting lawyers to do just that.

A LOCKOUT is not a Strike just saying...

It seems the owners and commissioner are out of touch with the fans and reality. The CFL is always teetering on the edge of stability with at least a couple of teams in ownership and financial turmoil every year. Why mess it up when it seems like a little improvement in stability is coming this season with the clown-show over in Winnipeg and Toronto operating with a bit more intelligence. Try to make a few extra bucks by massively tinkering with the import ratio is an experiment that is simply not needed and bound to cost the CFL in the long-run. The uniqueness of the CFL is Canadian players that actually connect with the fans from the grassroots of minor football and up. Turning the CFL into an NFL farm league would be a disaster.

On the other hand, I am suspicious that the threat of tinkering with the ratio is nothing more than a scheme to get the CFLPA to drop their other requests (demands from the CFLPA would imply they are willing to strike; I think not, but over the ratio, possibly).

thank god for world cup soccer.

seems like a good time to get into european soccer and aussie rules football.

Yes indeed other than this forum, www.nfl.com, and www.gridironfans.com I use the rugby union Super 14 when I can get it online and the Champions League, EPL, and Serie A to help …one more month!

[b]"It looks like the league will lock us out if a deal isn't reached by training camp," a source with the players said. "In the past we have continued with the existing deals. This year won't be the same because they have taken the approach they won't move forward without a new agreement."

The owners want to drastically alter the revenue splits because some teams, notably Toronto and Hamilton, continue to lose millions on operating costs each year with no sign of relief. The situation is so acute that the team's previous owners, David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, bailed out after six years because the league wouldn't engage in a proposed plan for revenue sharing.

This really would be stupid of Cohon and the owners. I for one do not understand the Owners position. When the league was in trouble the players stepped up and took pay cuts, they gave up their guaranteed contracts, the allowed the current SMS to come into place why now should they bend over once again. IF THEY ARE LOCKED OUT THIS IS ALL ON MANAGEMENT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

If the league thinks it can save money by reducing the Canadian salaries (which are higher than comparable American players salaries due to their scarcity), then pay the Americans $30,000 and the Canadians $40,000 maximum salaries if necessary if that's all the league can afford. They will still find plenty of good players to stock the league at those salaries. That would be preferable to reducing the number of Canadian starters.
Key point here again by Xvys from below.

From that observation and that of Dan Laurins, it would seem to me some owners have every incentive to want to turn the league into a player-churning league for all positions but perhaps quarterback or kicker.

Basically they want to just rig matters to pay lower salaries to players in perpetuity and share NONE of the non-attendance profits with said players at all.

Basically if the above is true, who knows what proportion of the owners, with some wanting additionally to lower the number of required non-imports, want to increase player turnover all in the name of short-term owner profits more than the good of the prosperity of the game long-term. :thdn:

Can you imagine the quality of play of the game returning akin to that of the US expansion era as I have read elsewhere on here was really bad? And we know how that experiment ended also for the worst for the league on the whole too. :frowning: